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The 2010 Schedule: One Sentence Predictions

I had originally planned to do a full preview/prediction for each game of the 2010 season, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. So here’s a quick, to the point, but specific sentence for each game on Auburn’s schedule. Get ready for many a run-on. I’ll also throw in a “worry level” ranking where 1 is not at all and 10 is very worried. These are subject to look dumber and dumber as the season goes on, but this is what I think will happen as of right now. What are your predictions? What do you think of mine?

Sept. 4 – Arkansas State – The Tigers start the season off strong against an inferior opponent, and score lots of points.
Worry level: 1. Score: AU 51, ASU 7.

Sept. 9 – at Mississippi State Auburn struggles a bit in a loud, Thursday night, SEC road game, but pulls it out in the 2nd half with a big performance by Cam Newton.
Worry level: 5. Score: AU 38, MSU 20.

Sept. 18 – Clemson In the first big game of 2010 at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn gets a big lead and then holds off Clemson at the end with the help of a lively crowd.
Worry level: 7. Score: AU 27, CU 20.

Sept. 25 – South CarolinaSteven Garcia throws for three 1st-half interceptions as Spurrier pulls the senior quarterback, and Auburn wins big.
Worry level: 4. Score: AU 31, USC 7.

Oct. 2 – Louisiana-MonroeAuburn gets a nice break from three straight semi-tough games, while Barrett Trotter gets a lot of work…oh, and this won’t happen.
Worry level: 1. Score: AU 63, ULM 3.

Oct. 9 – at Kentucky – Mario Fannin scores four touchdowns as Auburn avenges last year’s fluke loss to the Wildcats.
Worry level: 4. Score: AU 31, UK 10.

Oct. 16 – Arkansas Ryan Mallett will keep the game close, but leave in the 3rd quarter with a broken face, while his mother jumps up and down in horror, as Auburn puts the Razorbacks back in their rightful place in Mediocre-ville.
Worry level: 7. Score: AU 34, UA 24.

Oct. 23 – LSU Auburn continues the Revenge of 2009 tour, gives LSU one of those 2002-type beatings (31-7), and ends one of the streaks that should have never been.
Worry level: 6. Score: AU 34, LSU 10.

Oct. 30 – at Ole Miss In what will probably be an 11:30 kickoff, the Tigers will take advantage of the sleepy crowd and welcome Jeremiah Masoli to SEC football.
Worry level: 5.  Score: Auburn 27, UM 9.

Nov. 6 – Chattanooga Cam Newton will play one quarter, and play it well.
Worry level: 1. Score: AU 55, UTC 0.

Nov. 13 – GeorgiaThe four-loss Dawgs will come into Auburn and get the whipping they deserve as one more streak is checked off the list and the SEC West is won.
Worry level: 6.  Score: AU 30, UGA 20.

Nov. 26 – at AlabamaWith the West already decided, Alabama will be playing for pride as Auburn will be playing for bowl (NCG?) placement. We’ll see what happens.
Worry level: 10. Score: N/A.

I know I’m a “delusional homer” because I actually think the team I pull for may actually have a good year, but if you take a look around the internet, some prognosticators have Auburn going 11-0 before heading into the Iron Bowl, so I’m not the only “crazy” one. However, I realize I have just discredited myself by feeling like I have to explain my predictions. So yeah, nevermind…Auburn’s going 13-0 and winning the National Championship! What you gotta say about it?!

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Boxer47 08/26/2010 at 5:58 pm

Although you may be wrong (and odds are that you are), I cannot honestly find one of your prognostications to be absolutely wrong.Every scenario you propose can actually come to pass. Surely do hope so; would love to see a repeat of 1971, with the eyes of America on two unbeaten teams in the Iron Bowl. Could happen!!!

arspvb 08/30/2010 at 10:13 pm

Speaking as someone who just watched the ADay game On Demand as a primer for Saturday, I think you are right on. Me thinks worry level for the last game is a bit high WDE

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Chase Ward 08/20/2012 at 12:48 pm

I gotta say that someone has ESPN… I mean ESP… Nice picks!!!

John 08/23/2012 at 4:00 pm

I would take such pride in this if I were you.

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