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Ranking the SEC after Week 7

After the 7th week of the season, we know who is bad. Everybody but one team be losing games, man. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.

1. Alabama (7-0)

The Tide shutdown the Missouri offense, Tua got hurt, the Alabama offense slowed down. Oh no…

Last week: ranked #1, beat Missouri 39-10.

2. LSU (6-1)

The Tigers pulled an 2017 Auburn. They beat down the SEC East leader that hadn’t played anybody.

Last week: ranked #4, beat Georgia 36-16

3. Georgia (6-1)

Georgia beat Vanderbilt like Georgia should beat Vanderbilt but doesn’t always beat Vanderbilt.

Last week: ranked #2, lost at LSU 36-16

4. Florida (6-1)

As I said, they weren’t as good as that win over LSU because then they struggled with Vandy.

Last week: ranked #3, beat Vanderbilt 37-27

5. Texas A&M (5-2)

Texas A&M looks good one week and then can’t blow out teams they should. It’s been a very up and down year despite their 5-2 record.

Last week: ranked #6, beat South Carolina 26-23

6. Kentucky (5-1)

Kentucky lost last week, then had a bye week this week. How many of their fans just thought that’s what happens when basketball practice starts?

Last week: ranked #7, BYE WEEK

7. Mississippi State (4-2)

They didn’t play. Did anybody notice?

Last week: ranked #8, BYE WEEK

8. Auburn (4-3)


Last week: ranked #5, lost to Tennessee 30-24

9. Ole Miss (5-2)

Ole Miss should’ve lost to Arkansas. Like really. So I’m not sure what their 5-2 means.

Last week: ranked #11, beat Arkansas 37-33

10. South Carolina (3-3)

They showed some life. And they lost. That’s about what South Carolina always does, right?

Last week: ranked #9, lost to Texas A&M 26-23

11. Tennessee (3-3)

Man, the Vols sure are good, aren’t they. I’d put them at #1 if I could.

Last week: ranked #13, beat Auburn 30-24

12. Missouri (3-3)

Two weeks ago I said Missouri might be good. Then they lost at South Carolina, then they didn’t do much against Alabama. That was fun.

Last week: ranked #10, lost at Alabama 39-10

13. Vanderbilt (3-4)

Vandy gave Florida all they wanted, and then still lost by 10. That’s Vandy.

Last week: ranked #12, lost to Florida 37-27

14. Arkansas (1-6)

The best one-win team in the nation.

Last week: ranked #14, lost to Ole Miss 37-33

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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