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Week 13 Predictions

I did pretty well last week. I correctly picked the entire worst SEC schedule in the history of football, but of course missed some of the big upsets from the “night college football blew up the world.” Let’s see how I fare with “Rivalry Week.” What do you think?

Last Week 7-2
This Week 5-4
Overall: 81-24 (77.1%)


Arkansas at LSU – For some reason, the pundits say that even if Arkansas beats LSU, they would stay at #3 in the BCS. It’s because they know for a fact that Alabama will beat Auburn, moving them up to #1, and then they think LSU wouldn’t drop further than #2. That’s just ridiculous.

Just because you’ve convinced yourselves that LSU is the team of the century and Alabama is the team of the century once removed, it doesn’t mean they can’t be unseated by a loss. Yes, LSU would have a claim to be in the NCG with only one loss, but Arkansas would only have one loss and would have just beaten the Tigers as well. Oh well, when Alabama loses, it won’t really matter anyway. I’m pulling for Arkansas just for this stupidity alone.

Arkansas 30, LSU 21

LSU 41, Arkansas 17FAILURE


Georgia at Georgia Tech – Georgia is so good. They beat those mighty Kentucky Wildcats 19-10. What a great team. Georgia Tech will use their triple option attack to end the Dawgs’ streak of knocking off the elite of the college football world.

Georgia Tech 28, Georgia 20

Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 17FAILURE

Tennessee at Kentucky – Tennessee has won something like 26 in a row against the Wildcats. This would be a good chance for Kentucky to finally end that streak, but they are just that bad. Tennessee finally won an SEC game last week, and should be on a small semi-roll, so they should roll over the Wildcats.

Tennessee 31, Kentucky 14

Kentucky 14, Tennessee 7FAILURE

Vanderbilt at Wake Forest – Vandy needs this win to become bowl eligible. James Franklin needs this win so he doesn’t blow a gasket after what happened last week, and what he heard Derek Dooley say last week. The Commodores will get that win and go to Birmingham.

Vanderbilt 27, Wake Forest 10

Vanderbilt 41, Wake Forest 7SUCCESS!

Florida State at Florida – One team was supposed to contend for the National Championship and has losses to Virginia and Wake Forest. One team was supposed to contend for the SEC East title and have lost five of their last seven. So yeah, this game has lost it’s luster for this year.

Florida State ended Florida’s streak last year, but I think Florida starts a new one this year. This rivalry is hanging in the balance. Both teams appeared to be going up earlier this season, but now they appear to be going down. We’ll see.

Florida 17, Florida State 14

Florida 21, Florida State 7 SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Mississippi State – I really don’t like to give this game too much, but you gotta believe that Dan Mullen is gonna hand it to the only SEC West team he’s ever beaten as a nice parting gift to Houston.

Mississippi State 38, Ole Miss 10

Mississippi State 21, Ole Miss 3 SUCCESS!

Clemson at South Carolina – After week 3, this looked like this could have been a huge game. Now it’s just another battle for supremacy in the Palmetto State that will probably end with a fight and nobody remembering that they even played. Can you tell I don’t really like either of these teams?

Clemson 35, South Carolina 28

South Carolina 34, Clemson 13 FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Ohio State at Michigan – Michigan lets out a lot of pent up frustration.

Michigan 38, Ohio State 17

Michigan 40, Ohio State 34 SUCCESS!

Penn State at Wisconsin – The winner of this game goes to the Big 10 Championship. Since it’s in Madison, and since the Badgers are a better team, they’ll win, ending Penn State’s season. According to Danny Sheridan, the Nittany Lions will turn down a bowl bid this year. Wait, nevermind… Penn State to the Capital One Bowl.

Wisconsin 31, Penn State 17

Wisconsin 45, Penn State 7 SUCCESS!

**Upset Special**

Virginia Tech at Virginia – One team that benefited almost as much as Alabama from the mass exodus of top 10 teams last week was Virginia Tech. I know they only have one loss, but there is no way they are the 6th best team in the nation. Virginia has knocked off a few ranked teams this year and will win a big one at home.

Virginia 20, Virginia Tech 17

Virginia Tech 38, Virginia 0 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Alabama at Auburn -Pretty good participation this week. There were some really good “funny” submissions, but we’ll get to those in a minute. For those of you that claim to be an Auburn fan and predicted Alabama to win Alabama 62-3, 45-3, and 42-7, I want you out now. There’s no room for your negativity. When Auburn wins, you’re not allowed to cheer. Your extreme negativity has taken away that right. In fact your scores skewed the average score so far that I took them out, so there! As my bio states below this post, you’re not a realist, you’re a pessimist.

For those of you that picked 28-27, and there were lots of you, you’re awesome. That’s the positive vibe I like to see.

Now to everybody’s new favorite feature of the predictions: the most creative, and usually funny, predictions from the Twit-Fam.

  • Auburn 17, Rent Richard$on 7
  • Auburn fans with teeth – 97%, Alabama fans with teeth – 2827
  • Good guys: 3. Bad guys: 0. Bama misses eleventybillion field goals in JHS.
  • Auburn 1,000,000, Alabama -1,000,000…because I hate them that much!
  • Auburn missed FGs 0, Bama missed field goals 2827
  • Auburn: lovely. Alabama: unfortunately still Alabama.
  • More like Alabama XXX. (When I ask for predictions I ask for the tweeps to use “Auburn XX, Alabama XX.” This was @TrollTide‘s response.)

Auburn 20, Alabama 17

Alabama 42, Alabama 14 FAILURE

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