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Ranking the SEC after Week 2

Week 2 was mostly uneventful, but we’ve got movement. We’ve got movement people. Some teams were not ready for the hype. Some teams embarrassed themselves. But we’ve got movement… and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (2-0)

Do y’all realize that Alabama missed not one, but TWO extra points in the first quarter last week? I seriously do not get it. It’s not even a funny joke anymore.

Last week: ranked #1, beat Arkansas State 57-7

2. Auburn (2-0)

They did what they were supposed to do.

Last week: ranked #2, beat Alabama State 63-9

3. Georgia (2-0)

Is Georgia good or were we early on the Gamecock hypewagon? I think it’s more of the latter.

Last week: ranked #3, beat South Carolina 41-17

4. LSU (2-0)

I’m sure they were sitting starters, but they scored 7 whole points in the 2nd half against Southeast Louisiana. I’m telling y’all. That first half against Miami was nothing.

Last week: ranked #4, beat Southeast Louisiana 31-0

5. Mississippi State (2-0)

I am going to be extremely hard on Mississippi State this season because Peter Burns of SEC Network is acting like they should be in CFB Playoffs right now. Slow down.

Last week: ranked #6, beat Kansas State 31-10

6. Ole Miss (2-0)

DEFENSE OPTIONAL, AMIRITE?! They’ve put up some points, but they’re going to have to stay in any SEC game.

Last week: ranked #5, beat Southern Illinois 76-41

7. Texas A&M (1-1)

The Aggies gave Clemson all they wanted. I expected a close game with the Tigers going out to that weird place. I don’t think this game told us too much about either team.

Last week: ranked #7, lost to Clemson 28-26

8. Missouri (2-0)

Wyoming was supposed to have a stout defense. Missouri does have a potent offense, but 40 points? Yeah, Wyoming’s defense isn’t stout.

Last week: ranked #10, beat Wyoming 40-13

9. Kentucky (2-0)

Yay, the streak is broken.

Last week: ranked #11, beat Florida 27-16

10. South Carolina (1-1)

As mentioned above, the caboose on the hypewagon has detached and is slowly drifting away.

Last week: ranked #8, lost to Georgia 41-17

11. Vanderbilt (2-0)

I picked Nevada. I expected it to be close. Wrong on both accounts. Vandy might be for real (only compared to normal Vandy).

Last week: ranked #13, beat Nevada 41-10

12. Florida (1-1)

I expected the 2nd best coach in the SEC to be able to beat Kentucky.

Last week: ranked #9, lost to Kentucky 27-16

13. Arkansas (1-1)

Come on, now…

Last week: ranked #12, lost at Colorado State 34-27

14. Tennessee (1-1)

Welcome back to the win column. But really, how bad is ETSU?

Last week: ranked #14, beat ETSU 59-3

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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