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Ranking the SEC after Week 11

Moves at the top, moves at the bottom, moves at supper time. When big wins are occurring, you can see moves at any time. But for real, this is the most restraint I’ve ever shown on this here site, but you’ll still NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (10-0)

It’s almost like playing a decent team on the road is tougher than playing Fresno State, Colorado State, and Tennessee at home. Fun, isn’t it?

Last week: #1, beat Mississippi State 31-24

2. Auburn (8-2)

It took a lot to not put Auburn at #1 this week. I rank the teams based on who would beat who right now and I (and most people) think Auburn would beat Alabama right now. I just didn’t want to jinx anything.

Last week: #3, beat Georgia 40-17

3. Georgia (9-1)

It’s almost like playing a good team on the road is tougher than playing the SEC East each week. Fun, isn’t it?

Last week: #2, lost at Auburn 40-17

4. Mississippi State (7-3)

The Maroons aren’t bad this year. They really aren’t.

Last week: #4, lost to Alabama 31-24

5. LSU (7-3)

LSU is top-level mediocre. I think this is the highest level they will achieve with Orgeron in Baton Rouge. Yes, I know they beat Auburn.

Last week: #5, beat Arkansas 33-10

6. Texas A&M (6-4)

The Aggies feasted on a lower tier team to make the annual November slide appear to go away. It’s still there.

Last week: #6, beat New Mexico 55-14

7. Kentucky (7-3)

The Wildcats are going to lose their last two games and take some shine off this somewhat decent season. They have a 1-point loss to Florida and a 3-point loss to Ole Miss. They could easily be 9-1 right now.

Last week: #7, beat Vanderbilt 44-21

8. South Carolina (7-3)

The Gamecocks are 7-3, but they have hovered right above that mediocre line all season. I don’t see them moving away from that.

Last week: #8, beat Florida 28-20

9. Missouri (5-5)

Look at me moving Missouri up two weeks in a row. They are beating some bad teams, but they are scoring lots of points. And those bad teams have to be below them, right?

Last week: #12, beat Tennessee 50-17

10. Ole Miss (5-5)

Despite all their shortcomings, Ole Miss does have a bit of an offense.

Last week: #11, beat Louisiana-Lafayette 50-22

11. Vanderbilt (4-6)

Vandy is Vandy.

Last week: #9, lost to Kentucky 44-21

12. Arkansas (4-6)

The end is near for Bert.

Last week: #10, lost at LSU 33-10

13. Tennessee (4-6)

Butch Jones is gone and Tennessee will rise no higher than #13 in this ranking for the rest of the year. That’s a Coach Nutt guarantee.

Last week: #13, lost at Missouri 50-17

14. Florida (3-6)

The Gators hung with South Carolina a little more than I thought they would, but yeah, it’s bad.

Last week: #14, lost at South Carolina 28-20

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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