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What the Future of the NFL Looks Like

Age may just be a number in many aspects of life, this however is definitely not the case in the NFL. Youth is definitely classed as an asset within the NFL and if a young player is performing well during his first contract, whoever he is signed with will benefit from a deal that is below market value and be able to used the saved funds to invest in other areas of the team. Due to this the future of the NFL is looking increasingly youth driven, but what does this future look like and which players are to be watched out for?

Ed Oliver – DT, Houston

He has the strength to overpower blockers and the speed to put them on the back foot from the offset. In 2017 Ed was the first sophomore to win the Outland Trophy, which is the nation’s top interior lineman. He has played 2 seasons with the Cougars and in that time made 39.5 tackles. The fact that opposition offensive lines are always putting focus on him just goes to show the potential he has and he will be a part of the 2019 NFL draft and is likely to be one of the first selections.

Nick Bosa – DE, Ohio State

Nick is the younger brother of the Chargers superstar Joey Bosa and is currently showing even more potential than his brother. He has very few flaws as a player and looks set to be one of the top 10 picks in the 2019 draft. He is currently making a niche for himself as a dominant edge rusher for the Buckeyes. He will feature on everyone’s list of who to watch out for.

Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

He started his college career at the Florida Gators, before transferring to West Virginia and didn’t get much game time in his first 18 months there, however he is now looking like a rising star and definitely one to watch out for. He’s very calm with the ball, fantastic at finding free players in space and pretty athletic. He has now proved a successful part of both the Gators offence and now West Virginia, which will give selectors a lot to think about.

Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

Now somewhat of a celebrity around the Stanford campus but he prefers to do his talking on the field. In 2017 he has the second largest break out distance of 1973 yards and achieved an impressive 17 rushing touchdowns. He is very useful in the open field and his speed allows him to elude tackles, often with ease.

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