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Unique Ways to Show Support for your College Football Team

College football season is in full swing as teams enter conference play and we await the first release of the College Football Playoff rankings. Alabama will be number one, of course, but if your team isn’t in the CFP rankings, does that mean it’s time to throw in the towel on this season?

Of course not! There’s still a lot of football left to play, including some big-time rivalry games. If you’re a passionate football fan looking for more ways to stand out at the stadium, around town before the game, or daily throughout the college football season, then consider some of these tips for showing team spirit.

Homemade noisemakers

This great idea from Pinterest is a simple way to make a unique noisemaker that’ll be the envy of everyone who paid $10 or more for the ones sold in-stadium.

It’s as simple as getting an old water bottle, some beads, ribbons the colors of your favorite team, and an old broom handle and taping it all together. You could even go with a caveman-theme and make it look like a club, while wearing a wig and a leopard print shirt.

Custom credit card

This is a great way to show team pride year-round. Local credit unions and banks almost always have the option to personalize your debit or credit card, and if you’re an alum of the school you root for, you can qualify for cards like this or this.

Signs about the players

A lot of football players have colorful personalities, where they combine their ability to act as a great role model with humor and tact.

Making your own signs about how great a player is can be a fun, simple way to show pride for your local team.

Football tongs

If you’re a fan of tailgating at home games and grilling during away games, you have to get tongs with the logo of your team. Bed, Bath, And Beyond has a wide selection of ones for NFL teams, but you’ll be able to find some for your college team without too much work.

House lights

Whether you’re an avid LSU fan and love the purple and gold, or you’re rolling in crimson, you can have some fun when your team is playing a road game late at night. Swap out your regular porch and garage lights with ones bearing the color of your favorite team. It’ll add a fun touch of team spirit and let your neighbors – and anyone who drives by – that you’re serious about football.

College football is one of the best fall traditions we have in America. Being a fan is a great experience, and showing off your fandom is half the fun. Try out a few of these tactics to prove your fandom and see what kind of reactions you get from others as the rest of the football season unfolds.

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