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Stephen Davis Junior Will Start at Auburn on July 31st

Stephen Davis Jr. recently committed to Auburn. This normally wouldn’t make the news. After all, the preseason camp is just around the corner, and commitments that programs receive during this inopportune time are rarely worth talking about. However, as most college football expert picks would attest, Davis is more than just another recruit and Auburn have every reason to be excited.

Davis, who is the son of a former Auburn Star Tailback, will be part of the school’s 2016 recruiting class. Davis’ arrival at Auburn won’t merit many surprises. After all, the player was attached to Auburn for quite a long time.

It wasn’t until February of this year, National Signing Day that Davis refused to sign a National Letter of Intent. This decision came after Davis had renounced his previous intention of committing to the Auburn program.

Clearly, something has changed since then because Davis told that he would be reporting to the School on the 31st of July.

Davis’ name has been synonymous with Auburn for a long time. In fact, many considered him to be a Legacy recruit, at least until he renounced his commitment, declining to honor the pledge he made to the school in 2014.

Members of the Auburn 2015 defensive staff moved to the staff of Davis’ home state school this past offseason. It was the express mission of this team to recruit Davis to Auburn.

When Davis refused to sign in February, he left a lot of people feeling confused and flabbergasted. His decision to not sign anywhere also created an air of mystery around him. Rumors started to swirl, with some experts certain that he would eventually attend Auburn while others thought that he might try his chances with a junior college with the purpose of improving his stock after two years.

Davis recently took to Twitter to address all the speculation surrounding the decisions he has made for the last year or so. He thanked God for all the blessings he had received in his life.

He was also grateful to his parents and siblings for all the support they had given him over the years, not only when he was recovering from injuries but during the periods of indecisiveness that overtook him with regards to figuring out the best direction for his life.

He spoke of all his close friends, coaches, teammates and everyone who had continued to stand by his side over the last few months. This was before he officially announced that he would be attending Auburn University, giving fans and analysts the answers they have been waiting for all year long.

Davis was the 17th best athlete in the country. He was also the Number six prospect in South Carolina for this year’s recruiting class. Auburn is always on the lookout for the services of talented players that can contribute to the future of football.

According to Auburn, more than merely molding athletes, they endeavor to create a brotherhood, a place within which their players can thrive, not only athletically and socially but academically as well.

Considering the tumultuous end of his senior season, Davis will be looking forward to the strength and support that Auburn promises.

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