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Ranking the SEC after Week 3

There are some major shakeups in the rankings this week. MAJOR. Losses, big losses, will do that. But I won’t just be ranking the SEC based off of week three. These rankings will be solely based on what we’ve seen as a whole, not just what we just saw or what I think we’ll see.


1. Ole Miss (3-0)

Do I think Ole Miss will win the SEC? No. Do I think they’ve been the most impressive so far? Yes. They are averaging over 60 points per game, and that includes a game in Tuscaloosa. And their offense isn’t even the best side of the ball on their team. (Last Week: #3, beat Alabama 43-37)

2. LSU (2-0)

LSU’s offense is one dimensional, but it doesn’t matter. Leonard Fournette could win the Heisman and he’s all the Purple Tigers need. The defense isn’t bad either. I could see this ranking changing a lot as they get into the meat of their SEC schedule. (Last Week: #4, beat Auburn 45-21)

3. Georgia (3-0)

Have you thought about Georgia one time this year? Have they played a game? Yes, they’ve beaten UL-Monroe, Vanderbilt, and blew out South Carolina. That’s not saying much, but for now they are third. (Last Week: #5, beat South Carolina 52-20)

4. Texas A&M (3-0)

Only beating Nevada 44-27 and sort of disappearing over the last two weeks is the only reason the Aggies have dropped two spot. I have no idea how good they are. (Last week: #2, beat Nevada 44-27)

5. Alabama (2-1)

Alabama’s special teams gave away the game against Ole Miss last Saturday. That, and their defense is still allowing 40+ points and they’re offense feels like John Parker Wilson or Brodie Croyle are back there. (Last week: #1, lost to Ole Miss 43-37)

6. Tennessee (2-1)

I’m going to bet that this is the highest the Volunteers are ranked for the rest of the season. (Last week: #7, beat Western Carolina 55-10)

7. Mississippi State (2-1)

Only losing by two to LSU just over a week ago does look a little more impressive now, doesn’t it. Meh, it won’t last. (Last week: #9, beat Northwestern State 62-13)

8. Auburn (2-1)

Auburn has one loss, to a Top 10 team, and more importantly the 2nd best team in this ranking. I bet this is the lowest the Tigers are ranked for the rest of the season. (Last Week #6, lost to LSU 45-21)

9. Florida (3-0)

Florida and Kentucky are creating a nice little rivalry aren’t they? Last year, Kentucky was cheated out of an overtime win in Gainesville. This year, Florida wins by five. That’s sad, Gators. (Last week: #8, beat Kentucky 14-9)

10. Missouri (3-0)

A touchdown win over Arkansas State. A three point win over UConn. I don’t care if you go 12-0, if you don’t shape up you won’t get any higher than 10th. (Last week: #10, beat UConn 9-6)

11. Kentucky (2-1)

They seem better than normal, but the Wildcats are still the Wildcats. Any excitement from losses is probably going to wane in a few weeks. (Last week: #12, lost to Florida 14-9)

12. Arkansas (1-2)

Arkansas lost their starting running back, two receivers, and their quarterback. I don’t care how bad they are, they aren’t going to be any better after all of those losses. (Last week: #11, lost to Texas Tech 35-24)

13. South Carolina (1-2)

The Steve Spurrier Farewell Tour continues… (Last week: #13, lost to Georgia 52-20)

14. Vanderbilt (1-2)

How bad is Austin Peay? (Last week: #14, beat Austin Peay 47-7)

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