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The 2015 Batch of Auburn Candy Hearts

Much to the chagrin of men that see no reason to fall victim to another construct of a materialistic society manipulated by corporate greed, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s the day that I wake up early, sneak off to Gus Malzahn’s house, and lay a small chocolate on his pillow. He’s already been up for five hours studying film, so he’s not actually there, but he’ll see it the next day.

But anyway, it’s time for Auburn-themed candy hearts again. The ones in 2012 were a hit, but most don’t apply anymore. The 2013 batch was strong, and the 2014 versions were probably the best due to an influx of success to base them on. This year’s set is heavy on the awesome names we’ve been given from this year’s signing class and a there’s a little bit of basketball in there as well. Feel free to use, but MUST CREDIT BLOGLE.

And a few of the best from previous years…

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