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Philip Lutzenkirchen Teaches the Iron Bowl Hour How to Lutzie

Philip Lutzenkirchen, the Blogle-chaser that he is, scored one of the most famous touchdowns in Auburn history. It was followed by one of the most famous celebratory dances in Auburn history. I made it better, but was it worse or better than the Carl-ton?

On last week’s episode of The Iron Bowl Hour with Will and Reed Lochamy (noted Tulane fans), Lutzie discusses the Lutzie, teaches the Lutzie, and talks of his Auburn career. There’s also a nice segment with the Toomer’s Oaks guy. Not Harvey Updyke. The guy who tried to save them.

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AUChief 10/23/2013 at 9:59 pm

That last part with Andrew and Neil Candle was great


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