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Gameday Tweets: LSU 35, Auburn 21

WarBlogle_twitterI was on LSU’s campus by 11:30 or so, and it was dead. Seriously dead. There was flooding and it was very gloomy and muggy, which may have been the reason. The lack of people did allow for pretty decent cell service, though. Note: I love/hate how these posts have now become a report on cell service around a football stadium. It was a fun time. There was much tailgating and the LSU fans were generally nice, especially Kenny (see below).

  • GAMEDAY BAABBBBBAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • This hotel an hour outside of Baton Rouge is not serving corndogs in their continental breakfast. It’s ok, we’ll dine on ‘dog tonight.
  • “If somebody’s not jacked up, make ’em get jacked up.” –@CoachGusMalzahn. A good motto for life really. #auburn #wareagle
  • Yes. Classic Phil. WE @lutzenkirchen: LSU offensive coordinator is Kirk Cameron?
  • I know of one free ticket in the Auburn section for tonight’s game. For an Auburn fan.
  • No rain, but wet. Not many LSU fans out, but still smells. #auburn
  • Yep. Close…  WE @clayconner: @WarBlogle Did you post a prediction? I’m thinking 24-21 AU.
  • And there’s the first “Tiger Bait” by a very uneducated LSU fan…
  • My favorite thing about LSU tailgates is the guy on the mic calling out all the flaws of rival fans walking by. TOO BAD I AIN’T GOT NONE!!!
  • Huge tiger or animal cruelty? #auburn #lsu
  • No, I will not feel all chummy with LSU fans as we talk about hatred for Alabama. I will not.
  • This is Kenny. He’s almost 50. #lsu
  • So this is where I am right now and I don’t know how to feel about it. Great food, though. #auburn #lsu
  • LSU fan just admitted that Jordan-Hare after Jamie Howard’s last interception in 1994 was the loudest stadium he’s ever heard. #auburn
  • Done. WE @qkristen24: It’s not a real trip to Baton Rouge until a four year old shoots you a bird and screams tiger bait.
  • I think this is actually a good thing, isn’t it? Auburn is about to see Les miserable?
  • “Les Miles eats grass and crayons.” -LSU fan unhappy with their head coach. #auburn
  • I’m at Tiger Walk. #auburn #lsu
  • “It never rains in Tiger Stadium.” It’s raining in Tiger Stadium. #auburn #lsu
  • Shaq just walked by me. #auburn #lsu
  • Can somebody let me borrow a poncho? #auburn #lsu
  • That was a weird game. #auburn #lsu
  • Gus Malzahn walks into the tunnel below Auburn fans, gives a nod and a “thank y’all.” #auburn #wareagle
  • The 500 remaining LSU fans leaving the stadium right now are very quiet. #auburn
  • It pains me to say that I didn’t run into one bad LSU fan today. All very nice and welcoming. Especially Kenny. #auburn

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