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Top 12 @WarBlogle Tweets of 2014

WarBlogle_twitterTwitter is sort of the lifeline of this site, especially given the limited amount of time I had to put into Blogle Enterprises this year. While I strive for this to be an all-medium online entity, Twitter has definitely risen above.

I’m all about that instant gratification, and what’s more instant or gratifying than typing a sentence and immediately receiving feedback, or in the best of cases, a retweet. I live for retweets. I yearn for them. They keep me young. Anyway, here are the 12 most retweeted tweets of the past year. By my standards, I guess that means they were your favorites.













Now wasn’t that a very eclectic set of tweets? We had a little bit of everything from triumph, to losses on the field, to losses in the Auburn Family. It was a rough year by many accounts, but here’s to making 2015 better by what we learned and what we shared across the Twittersphere.

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