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Week 4 Predictions: One Marquee Game

Bottom line: I’m not that great at that “against the spread” thing. On the other hand, the rest of my predictions are hitting at a 87.5% click. So basically, take what I say as the overall winner, then take half of my picks on, run them through your abacus, and make good predictions. Still killing the EA Sports NCAA 14 picks tho…

Last Week: 11-2 (84.6%), ATS at 6-6 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 7-6 (53.8%)
This Week: 10-3 (77.0%), ATS at 5-4 (55.6%)
EA NCAA 14: 11-2 (84.6%)

Overall: 45-8 (85.0%), ATS at 24-21(53.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 37-16(70.0%)


Colorado State at Alabama – Aww that’s cute. Saban is giving his old friend McElwain some exposure by allowing him to bring his team back to the Capstone. It won’t be so cute when he beats them within an inch of their lives. I totally think he’ll hold off from the true death in a show of solidarity. EA Sports doesn’t think so.

EA: Alabama 41, Colorado State 3 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 38, Colorado State 10 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 31, Colorado State 6

Vanderbilt at UMass – This game is being played at the Patriots stadium. Think about that. One of the smallest and least loyal fanbases in the SEC is playing a team that most had no idea fielded a football team in a pro football stadium. You ever been to a Tuesday night JV football game? There were more fans in there than what it will look like at this game Saturday.

EA: Vanderbilt 34, UMass 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: Vanderbilt 42, UMass 10 – SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt 24, UMass 7

SMU at Texas A&M If Texas A&M had any defense, they would have beaten Alabama by two touchdowns last weekend. Luckily, they won’t need any defense to beat the ‘stangs. Johnny won’t play the 4th quarter, giving him plenty of time to make hand gestures to the crowd.

EA: Texas A&M 44, SMU 16 – SUCCESS!
WB: Texas A&M 51, SMU 13 – SUCCESS!

Texas A&M 42, SMU 13

North Texas at Georgia – North Texas has a good drumline. That’s it.

EA: Georgia 59, North Texas 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: Georgia 52, North Texas 3 – SUCCESS!

Georgia 45, North Texas 21

Arkansas at Rutgers – The Scarlet Knights beat the Razorbacks last year. The Scarlet Knights will beat the Razorbacks this year. What an embarrassment, Bielema.

EA: Arkansas 32, Rutgers 21 – FAILURE
WB: Rutgers 21, Arkansas 17 – SUCCESS!

Rutgers 28, Arkansas 24

Tennessee at Florida – Remember when this game meant something? Yeah, me either. I ain’t 100 years old. CBS picked this game up due to the “rivalry” (or maybe LSU turned it down to get a night game on ESPN), but there isn’t much to this one anymore. Both have a loss. One will have two losses and may be out of the East race already. EA Sports is wrong. Florida’s offense is bad, but the defense won’t give up 31 points to a worse Tennessee offense.

EA: Tennessee 31, Florida 7 – FAILURE
WB: Florida 24, Tennessee 14 – SUCCESS!

Florida 31, Tennessee 17

Troy at Mississippi State – Troy was one play away from having a chance at winning this game last year. If you remember, Mississippi State actually traveled to Troy, showing you the state of their program, and State was awarded a game winning touchdown when the receiver plainly stepped out of bounds. EA Sports is on crack. It won’t be that bad.

EA: Mississippi State 66, Troy 17 – SUCCESS!
WB: Mississippi State 31, Troy 21 – SUCCESS!

Mississippi State 62, Troy 7

Missouri at Indiana – Apparently it’s “SEC East teams travel to smaller programs Saturday” this weekend. Missouri is on a roll *eye roll* and is currently the only undefeated team in the SEC East. That’ll continue this week. This would be a good basketball game, though.

EA: Missouri 24, Indiana 16 – SUCCESS!
WB: Missouri 31, Indiana 10 – SUCCESS!

Missouri 45, Indiana 28

Auburn at LSU – Check my preview tomorrow for my prediction on this game, but EA Sports has Auburn losing to LSU while outgaining the Purple Tigers by more than 100 yards on offense. The difference? Two fumbles and two interceptions. Hold on to the ball, Auburn.

EA: LSU 31, Auburn 17 – SUCCESS!
WB: Auburn 28, LSU 24 – FAILURE

LSU 35, Auburn 21

And now for the national games to fill out the Pick ’em slate…

Clemson at North Carolina State (9/19) – I’m not sure if you realize this, but Clemson is ranked #3 in the nation. Clemson. #3. It’s about time for them to Clemson isn’t it? They might do it tonight. Dare I? Thursday night at NC State? Sounds promising. Yep, it’ll happen.

EA: Clemson 23, North Carolina State 20 – SUCCESS!
WB: North Carolina State 27, Clemson 24 – FAILURE

Clemson 26, North Carolina State 14

Michigan State at Notre Dame – Notre Dame is not good. They lost to Michigan, who almost lost to Akron. They barely skated by Purdue last week. And they didn’t beat Temple as a good team should. Michigan State will beat them as a good team should, though.

EA: Notre Dame 34, Michigan State 22 – SUCCESS!
WB: Michigan State 31, Notre Dame 21 – FAILURE

Notre Dame 17, Michigan State 13

Arizona State at Stanford – Arizona State needs ten losses to make things right for what happened last week. It’s a good thing they play Stanford this week, because they may get all those beatings in one game.

EA: Stanford 19, Arizona State 0 – SUCCESS!
WB: Stanford 35, Arizona State 7 – SUCCESS!

Stanford 42, Arizona State 28

North Carolina at Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech pummeled one side of the Duke-North Carolina rivalry last week. They’ll finish off the other side this week.

EA: Georgia Tech 14, North Carolina 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: Georgia Tech 24, North Carolina 21 – SUCCESS!

Georgia Tech 28, North Carolina 20

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses. Be aware that Clemson-North Carolina State is tonight, so be sure to get that pick in.

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