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Auburn Ultimate Team Beats USC, Advances to Round 2

Take that Pete Carroll. Take that Matt Leinart. Take that Reggie Bush. Revenge for 2004 has been exacted. #15-seed Auburn has beaten #2-USC in round one of the ESPN Ultimate Team bracket with 54% of the vote… as God intended.

With the win, Auburn’s Ultimate Team, consisting of team caption Bo, Cam Newton, Ronnie Brown, and others, has moved on to the quarterfinals to take on 7-seed Texas. The Longhorns took out 8-seed LSU with 53% of the vote.espn_rd2So alright Tiger fans, it’s time to keep voting and voting often (there is no limit). Texas is a big state. The good thing is that I don’t think the internet has gotten to every part of their vast landscape just yet. If Auburn wins in this quarterfinal round, they will take on either Ohio State or Florida State, but we’ll worry about that when it gets here.

And in case you were wondering, 8-seed Alabama was beaten out in the 1st round by 9-seed Oklahoma. Just in case you wanted to know.

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Paul 07/17/2013 at 12:09 am

Cool? Yes.

Enjoyable? Yes.

Revenge for 2004? Nowhere near close.


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