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Gameday Tweets – Utah State

At some point, AT&T and all the other providers are going to find a way to make their service work during a football game right? From two hours before kickoff until an hour after the game, getting a tweet through was almost impossible, which explains my lack of activity. It’s probably for the best, though. You didn’t want to know my thoughts through most of the game yesterday.

  • Christmas. Tee time. Auburn Football. #thingsiwakeupearlyfor
  • It looks like @AUHD is ready. Are you? WE @zalsobrook Gameday! War Damn!
  • New Blogle: Roundtable of Tigers Past – Talking Openers, Predictions #auburn #wareagle
  • Just woke @BabyBlogle up. First word out of his mouth: “CHAMPS!” He gets it. #auburn #wareagle
  • Set it up. WE @jbrannan @WarBlogle is there a Blogle meet-up today?
  • Last season the tailgate satellite setup worked the first time. This year the same. Expect another championship. You’re welcome.
  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh. WAR DAMN EAGLE! Do it. It will work. #auburn #wareagle
  • Baby “Trovon Reed” Blogle is ready. Are you? #auburn #wareagle @BabyBlogle
  • Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On” was just played during a highlight video. One early rumored tunnel video song.
  • Aubie just ran to the 50 with the crystal ball while ‘All I Do is Win’ played. Perfect ending. On to the next. #auburn #wareagle
  • ‘All the Above’ was played in pregame as the players ran to the student section. Not before the 4th quarter anymore I guess. #auburn
  • Tunnel video song was a classical piece that fit nicely. Pre-kickoff song was Vox Populi, as I told you. Both videos awesome. #auburn
  • Don’t worry. Ted “I don’t game plan till halftime” Roof got this. #auburn #wareagle
  • New stadium cups: #auburn #wareagle
  • I demand that all of Auburn’s holders wear #19 henceforth. #wareagle
  • I hear Alabama is leading 24-0. Hehe.
  • Team runs down the field to a shorter, started in the middle “All the Above” to start the 4th quarter. #auburn #wareagle
  • Dear World, SUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With love, Auburn
  • Go to Toomer’s while you still can. See you there. #auburn #wareagle
  • I haven’t seen this many “yeah, but”s in my timeline since 28-27. #bammers
  • I’m at Toomer’s Corner w/ @auburnengineer
  • One positive to take away from today’s game is that this team showed that they still have what it takes to win no matter what. #auburn
  • Just found out that the commentator for today’s game was a woman. So THAT was the problem. #wareagleanyway
  • New Blogle: Pat Dye Speaks at the Utah State Pep Rally #auburn #wareagle
  • Lou Holtz just gave Gus Malzhan “a great deal of congratulation.” #auburn #wareagle
  • IT DOES MATTER!!! WE @JHokanson Let’s talk about stuff that doesn’t matter. What was the consensus on the subtle changes to the Auburn uni?
  • The back of Gene’s jacket today resembled something Elvis would have worn back in the day. I love the AU and ‘War Eagle’ and all, but no.
  • Hey @UnderArmour, the tiny names on the back of Auburn’s jerseys aren’t ethical, prudent, or efficient. They also look ugly. Change please.
  • Video of Aubie with the crystal ball before the game: #auburn #wareagle
  • The one with words? “Vox Populi” by 30 Seconds to Mars. WE @sallbrook Anybody know that name and artist of the intro song?
  • Wait, why is there an XFL game on ESPN right now?
  • Add @KevinScarbinsky & @ClayTravisBGID to the list of media members that should wait till the clock hits zero before posting snarky tweets.
  • Who knew that inbreeding in the State of Georgia was so rampant? All of their football players have the same last name.
  • Good to see @Everett_Duke, @TrueBlueAU, @peggyrossmanith, @murphtl, @WarDamnLegal, and @dmiller1856 at the #WarDrunjEagle tailgate today.
  • I called the Ole Miss upset and the Twit-Fam correctly picked the amount of points Auburn scored today. #wareagle
  • Wait, what about #stopfallweddings? WE @toddcstacy Auburn wins and my baby cousin marries a good man.
  • WE @powellmap Rice band at half time in Austin. Just formed “SEC”, then made the S a dollar sign.
  • The champs are here… I mean me and @BeautifulBlogle. (@ Quixote’s w/ @jeremygolson)
  • You did. WE @sarahbeth425 @WarBlogle is at @Quixotes_Auburn?!?!? I HAVE TO MEET HIM!!!!
  • Thanks Georgia.
  • Come get a drank from @JHyink and @LuLuHarris at @Quixotes_Auburn. Place is jumpin’.
  • In Oregon’s last two games combined (Auburn, LSU), they have scored 46 points. Last season’s average was 54. Level of competition, folks.
  • So what do you do if you’re still mad that Auburn hasn’t lost a game since 2009? You talk about the fans who left early today. #endoftherope
  • Are you ready for your bedtime poetry? #auburn
  • 1-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #wareagle

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