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Help the Auburn Bookstore with Gameday Button Ideas

The Auburn University Bookstore needs your help. No, what they need is to do another episode of their “The Office” style sitcom. Episode one was amazingly hilarious, in my opinion, and the powers that be need to give these kids time to film a follow-up. Note: I once ran into Aaron in the bookstore and congratulated him on being Student Employee of the Month. He politely reminded me that it was Student Employee of the Year. So yeah…

You know those buttons with the snarky remarks you see on people when trying not to make it look like you are staring at their chest on football gamedays? Yeah, those come from the Auburn Bookstore (located in the bottom of the Haley Center). As you’ll see in this video, they want you to help come up with those. I personally love the Washington State Cougars one, but it probably won’t fly.

Anyway, watch the video and click the link below to enter the contest (by April 27th). You win a t-shirt and 10 buttons if one of yours is picked, but what really win is Auburn Gameday Button fame forever.

Enter your ideas here, and post them in the comments below.

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Brad H 04/02/2013 at 8:57 pm

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