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Gameday Tweets – Arkansas

When I got my brand new iPhone 5 last week, I checked to make sure Auburn would have 4G LTE service. The AT&T coverage map says it does. It is a liar. I had standard old 3G service all day, which means as game time approached the ability to get a tweet out dwindled. Oh well, you wouldn’t have wanted to read my thoughts anyway. At least the tailgate was awesome. Follow me.

  • GAMEDAY BABBBBAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! #auburn #wareagle #hawghate
  • The first words out of @BabyBlogle’s mouth this morning as he raised his head off the pillow: “I’m ready to go to the game.” My kid. #auburn
  • What’s the over/under on the number of Arkansas fans that make the trip today. I say 30. #auburn #hawghate
  • Tailgate is set up. We have pork rinds. Bacon and BBQ pork on the way. Come by. #auburn #wareagle #hawghate
  • Josh Holsey’s family has taken over the @WarBlogle tailgate. #auburn
  • Hey @AUChief, if you’re still at the tailgate, get the gasoline for the generator and start dousing everything with it.
  • Well there’s a small victory… #Holsey’d
  • Y’all better get to the tailgate. These 5 cases of @tailgatebeer is exactly what you need. No talking about football though. #auburn
  • Kiehl Frazier and Clint Moseley, leaving the stadium together, stopped to take a picture with @BabyBlogle.
  • Good to see @evil_cam_newton at the @WarBlogle tailgate. Dude is HATEful.
  • Just leaving the ‘gate. At least @WarBlogle won something today.
  • Good to see all the Holseys. WE @MarilynAU_ALLin: enjoyed hanging out with @WarBlogle today! Thanks for the invite.
  • Today’s game was my 90th straight in Jordan-Hare. What a great one to pass that milestone…. #auburn #wareagleanyway
  • Heard it. WE @wareaglepooh: @WarBlogle I yelled War Damn Blogle at u when leaving today. Blue Expedition.
  • …and stole the remote. WE @evil_cam_newton: Today I ate all of @WarBlogle‘s bacon, turned his TV to Honey Boo Boo, then split.
  • But really, how bad is LA-Monroe?
  • Alabama 1999. Been to all since 2000. WE @JamesMJonesJr: .@WarBlogle last one i missed was LATech 2001. Yours?
  • Given what Auburn did today and then against LSU, lemme tell you… that HUGE Florida win tonight means THEY ARE BACK!!!!
  • The ESPN announcer for the Oregon game pretty much just said it’s ideal that Alabama has a bye week due to Talladega being this weekend.
  • It wasn’t me. o_O WE @FullyLoadedMagg Last person to see me before the accident. Doesn’t that make him prime suspect?
  • Dude drove 14 hrs from OK. WE @SeanRisinger Thanks @WarBlogle for the southern hospitality today! Good to meet the man behind the tweets!

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AUjamstan 10/07/2012 at 6:44 pm

So we had a bad day.
A spark remains with the will to fight.
War Damn Eagle and Good Night.


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