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Week 2 Predictions: The New SEC Rises

In week one, I went a perfect 13-0 (because my upset special picks are just for fun and I don’t count Twitter predictions), including a perfect 24-17 pick for the Florida-Bowling Green game. Pretty good start, I’d say. But it wasn’t the start I wanted in other respects, if you get what I’m saying. I’d trade 100% on picks for a real win any day. Should I try to miss all the picks this week in hopes that that adverse happens on the field? No, because I’m not that superstitious <crosses fingers on both hands while rubbing rabbit’s foot and knocking on wood>.

Last Week: 13-0
This Week: 5-6

Overall: 18-6


East Carolina at South Carolina – Connor Shaw got a shot of the good stuff to get him back in the game and hold on for a win against Vandy last week. Luckily for him, the Gamecocks probably won’t need him all that much in this one. Does Lebo still coach basketball for the Pirates? South Carolina 38, East Carolina 20

South Carolina 48, East Carolina 10SUCCESS!

Florida at Texas A&M – The Gators looked inept last week as the Aggies sat at home dying to play a football game. The “12th Man” will be rocking and give Texas A&M their first win of the season and their first win in the SEC. Florida will continue a downward spiral that will continue throughout the season. Why couldn’t Auburn have kept them on the schedule this year?

Texas A&M 28, Florida 17

Florida 20, Texas A&M 17FAILURE

Western Kentucky at Alabama – Not even gonna write anything about this one. It’s already a win for Alabama. Punchline.

Alabama 48, Western Kentucky 0

Alabama 35, Western Kentucky 0SUCCESS!

Georgia State at Tennessee – Bill Curry never lost to Tennessee while he was at Alabama. Well, that record is about to change. Tennessee, everybody’s new favorite upstart, should have no problems winning this one, and I guarantee it will get them some top-25 votes. You watch and see.

Tennessee 31, Georgia State 13

Tennessee 51, Georgia State 13 SUCCESS!

UTEP at Ole Miss – The Miners gave Oklahoma all they wanted last week. They’ll give the Rebels all they want and more this week. Ole Miss struggled for a bit against Central Arkansas, and will struggle and lose mightily against UTEP.

UTEP 34, Ole Miss 10

Ole Miss 28, UTEP 10 FAILURE

UL-Monroe at Arkansas – I heard John L. Smith called Nick Saban for advice on beating the Warhawks this week. The call ended with Saban slamming the phone down and Smith laughing maniacally. Smith is such a TROLLOLOL. Note: that loss will never die and this will never get old.

Arkansas 38, UL-Monroe 17

UL-Monroe 34, Arkansas 31FAILURE

Washington at LSU – Washington brought a live tiger in a cage to one of their practices this week in hopes to get the team used to one of the most overrated gameday scare tactics in the nation. I mean, really? Are you scared of a Tiger when you go see it at the zoo? If it was so dangerous to have a Tiger in a cage, do you think they would take Mike around the field before the game? I mean, yeah, having a live tiger is cool, but if you think it’s intimidating to see one in a cage, then you are wrong. But either way, LSU will win in a slightly close one.

LSU 34, Washington 21

LSU 41, Washington 3SUCCESS!

Kent State at Kentucky – Hahaha, look at that. KENT State. KENTucky. Lotta Kents in this one. Sorry, I’m trying to make something about this one interesting. Here’s something: Kentucky will lose.

Kent State 28, Kentucky 21

Kentucky 47, Kent State 14FAILURE

Georgia at Missouri – The new SEC, as much as us old SEC doesn’t want to see it, will take both of their first conference games in their very first attempts. Georgia’s defense was not anything like what most people expected against Buffalo. Missouri’s explosive offense and an explosive atmosphere will give the Tigers a win.

Missouri 31, Georgia 23

Georgia 41, Missouri 20FAILURE


Vanderbilt 27, Northwestern 20

Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 13 FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Miami at Kansas State – This game being “one of note” should show you the level of the slate we’re dealing with this week. Miami has no defense and Kansas State can score.

Kansas State 38, Miami 20

Kansas State 52, Miami 13SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Air Force at Michigan – The folks in Ann Arbor are so down from last week’s sobering that the hangover is still in effect. Michigan wasn’t just beaten by a better team last week, they just aren’t very good. It will show this weekend.

Air Force 23, Michigan 13

Michigan 31, Air Force 25FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

Auburn at Mississippi State – Many of you went the 180,000-0 route. One went with “Programs run by the coach’s wife: Mississippi State 1 Auburn 0.” A few of you went back to those horrible 3-2 days. But for those that took this seriously, the average was around a touchdown to ten point win by Auburn.

Auburn 27, Mississippi State 20

Mississippi State 28, Auburn 10FAILURE

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