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Arkansas Review

I have posted my Arkansas review on‘s Tigers Corner entitled “Survive and Advance“. That’s all I have to say about that.

Running out of adjectives. Cam Newton has been called special, super, great, awesome, astonishing, breath-taking, and all that stuff. Bottom line, the dude is good. He’s racking up weekly honors, being added to watch lists, and taking part in solo press conferences due to the volume or reporters wanting to talk to the guy.

We’ve known that he is all of the aforementioned adjectives for weeks, but his performance against Arkansas showed the nation that Cam is for real. All season long, the experts have been saying “let’s see how he does this week”, and every week he gets better and better. He ran all over South Carolina’s supposedly staunch defense, and did the same against Arkansas. They stacked the box, they blitzed, and dared him to throw. He took it all in stride and accounted for four more touchdowns to add on to his already unbelievable numbers.

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