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A Quick Analysis of Auburn’s Pre-Clemson Depth Chart

Auburn released their 3-deep depth chart for the Clemson game moments ago. There are a few surprises on the offensive line, but we knew about that a few days ago. The rest of the lineup is pretty much what we thought, at least as far as the starters are concerned (besides maybe one spot in the secondary). Let’s took a look…


1. Emory Blake (6-1, 193, Sr.)
2. Sammie Coates (6-2, 200, RFr.)
3. Ricardo Louis (6-2, 210, Fr.)

1a. Trovon Reed (6-0, 190, So.)
1b. Travante Stallworth (5-9, 191, Sr.)

1. Quan Bray (5-11, 185, So.)
2. Jaylon Denson (6-3, 211, So.)

No real surprises at wide receiver. I thought Sammie Coates may jump up and getting a starting spot, but the wide receiver position really isn’t tied down to a depth chart. In a five-wide, you could see any of these guys out there.

1. Onterio McCalebb (5-11, 173, Sr.)
2a. Tre Mason (5-9, 198, So.)
2b. Mike Blakely (5-8, 206, RFr.)
3. Corey Grant (5-10, 203, So.)

Again, no surprises here. Being an O-town Killa, I wanted Corey Grant to move up, but we know what McCalebb and Mason can do, so there’s no arguing with them being at the top.

1. Jay Prosch (6-0, 260, Jr.)
2. Blake Burgess (6-3, 249, Jr.)

Quads, calves, biceps.

1. Kiehl Frazier (6-2, 226, So.)
2. Clint Moseley (6-4, 229, Jr.)

We knew this last week. Kind of strange that they didn’t put Wallace in as 3rd-string given that they went 3-deep on some other positions. Though I assume those positions were more of a case of putting everybody that will probably play. We most likely won’t see Wallace too much this year.

1. Greg Robinson (6-6, 311, RFr.)
2. Shon Coleman (6-6, 302, RFr.)

Absolutely awesome that Shon is one spot away from being a starter. And he’s only a freshman. A 21-year old freshman.

1. John Sullen (6-3 313, Sr.)
2. Alex Kozan (6-4, 295, Fr.)

John Sullen came back from injury early in camp to reclaim a starting spot, while Kozan was apparently impressive enough to take the backup.

1. Tunde Fariyike (6-3, 302, So.)
2. John Sullen (6-3, 313, Sr.)

With Dismukes suspended for at least the Clemson game, Fariyike moves up. There were thoughts that Sullen would take over at center while Dismukes was out, but Fariyike appears to be more than able. It may also be a case of not wanting to start Kozan at LG just yet.

1. Chad Slade (6-5, 301, So.)
2. Christian Westerman (6-4, 301, RFr.)

No surprise. I thought Westerman may challenge for a starting spot, but experience likely won out.

1. Avery Young (6-6, 295, Fr.)
2. Patrick Miller (6-6, 298, Fr.)

Auburn’s two deep at tackle consists of two red-shirt freshmen and two true freshman. They are very, very talented, but that’s slightly scary. Avery Young should be more than able to hold it down, though.

1. Philip Lutzenkirchen (6-4, 256, Sr.)
2a. Bandon Fulse (6-4, 250, So.)
2b. C.J. Uzomah (6-6, 250, So.)

WOW! Can you believe this?!!?!?!?


1. Dee Ford (6-2, 246, Jr.)
2. Craig Sanders (6-4, 263, Jr.)
3. Nosa Eguae (6-3, 268, Jr.)

Good to see Dee Ford come back from injury and reclaim his starting spot, but Nosa at 3rd-string? Didn’t see that coming, but everybody has to go somewhere, right?

1. Corey Lemonier (6-4, 246, Jr.)
2. LaDarius Owens (6-2, 260, So.)

Lemonier will play as much as they’ll let him, but I feel confident in Owens as well.

1. Jeff Whitaker (6-4, 307, Jr.)
2. Gabe Wright (6-3, 299, So.)
3. Tyler Nero (6-2, 277, Fr.)

If Whitaker beat out Wright then he must have torn it up in camp. I really like him, but that just goes to show what I thought Wright would do.

1. Angelo Blackson (6-4, 308, So.)
2. Ken Carter (6-4, 289, Jr.)
3. Devaunte Sigler (6-4, 291, So.)

I didn’t hear much about Blackson since fall practice started, but I guess that was because he had this spot locked down for a while.

1. Jake Holland (6-1, 241, Jr.)
2. Ashton Richardson (6-1, 218, Sr.)

Not a surprise. I thought Frost or Garrett might end up here, but after hearing the coaches praise Holland over the last week or so, this was expected.

1. Daren Bates (5-11,215, Sr.)
2. Kris Frost (6-2, 225, RFr.)

With the accolades of Frost coming in, I thought they’d find a starting spot for him, but he is still a redshirt freshman with a senior in front of him.

1. Jonathan Evans (5-11, 231, Sr.)
2. Justin Garrett (6-1, 215, So.)

This was one of the biggest battles in fall camp, and it looks like experience just won out.

1. Chris Davis (5-10, 200, Jr.)
2. Jonathon Mincy (5-10, 190, So.)

Davis is Auburn’s best defensive back. Enough said.

1. Ryan White (5-10, 196, Jr.)
2. T’Sharvan Bell (6-0, 190, Sr.)

Here’s the biggest surprise of the whole depth chart. Ryan White, who’s been nothing much more than the holder has beaten out returning senior T’Sharvan Bell. Maybe it’s a case of T-Bell being a step slower after his injury, or maybe it’s just the new coaching staff liking White a little bit more.

1. Ryan Smith (6-1, 204, Jr.)
2. Trent Fisher (6-1, 200, So.)

Ryan Smith made the game-saving tackle against Mississippi State last season and then kind of disappeared. It looks like he’ll have more chances to make those tackles now. Maybe it’s my love for Friday Night Lights, but I like seeing Trent Fisher this high on the depth chart.

1. Jermaine Whitehead (6-0, 202, So.)
2. Demetruce McNeal (6-2, 187, Jr.)

McNeal got the most playing time last year, so seeing Whitehead at the top might be a slight surprise, but not to me. Whitehead came on strong later in the year last season.

1. Cody Parkey (6-0, 194, Jr.)
2. Alex Kviklys (6-2, 180, RFr.)


1. Steven Clark (6-5, 232, Jr.)
2. J.D. Strawbridge (6-0, 171, Fr.)

Strawbridge is kind of a cool name.

1. Jake Lembke (6-2, 245, Jr.)
2. Forrest Hill (6-1, 242, So.)

I wonder if there’s any relation to Mark. Yes, I know it’s spelled slightly different.

1. Quan Bray (5-10, 185, So.)
2. Trovon Reed (6-0, 190, So.)

Both able bodies.

1. Onterio McCalebb (5-11,173, Sr.)
2. Quan Bray (5-10, 185, So.)

Either/or is fine with me, though I’ve seen McCalebb take it to the house more.

1. Ryan White (5-11, 198, Jr.)
2. Steven Clark (6-5, 232, Jr.)

I’ve seen Steven Clark dance. Do we really want him handling the snap?

So, now we know who’s playing and where they’re playing. I trust that the coaches have the best guys out there. Any major complaints by you?

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Young 08/28/2012 at 12:20 pm

Where are Therieze and Florence???

The WarBlogler 08/28/2012 at 12:27 pm

Hurt and hurt.

AUjamstan 08/28/2012 at 12:22 pm

Nosa is a big surprise and likely a part of an active rotation under new coaching. Definitely hope T’Bell is back in old form when called upon. I saw that injury happen and it wasn’t pretty. Getting stoked!

veloce 08/28/2012 at 1:02 pm

Surprised about Nosa too. Those 3 seem highly driven, but considering Nosa’s experience I wonder if he’s a little banged up and coaches are being careful.

Zane 08/28/2012 at 1:53 pm

I would of liked to of seen Tre Mason at kick returner he did well there last year. Also I agree with your comment about Sammie Coates I think we’ll end up seeing him a lot more than some might think. Coates would be a huge body to have in there for red zone situations.

Zane 08/28/2012 at 1:56 pm

Oh warblogle I forgot to mention that Corey Grant is banged up and that could be a huge reason for his position on the depth chart

Scott 08/28/2012 at 2:06 pm

Wallace is listed as 3rd on one of the depth charts. The link I saw had charts for 3 different formations.

Jordan 08/28/2012 at 4:51 pm

Do we have 2 Ryan Whites?! :/

The WarBlogler 08/28/2012 at 4:53 pm

Same guy plays CB and holder.

Brody 08/28/2012 at 6:12 pm

So….Quan Bray can shrink or grow depending on whether he’s a receiver or on special teams?? Like Apache Chief on Super Friends???!!!!

Brady 08/29/2012 at 12:11 am

hey man that extra inch could really help as a wide receiver, but he doesn’t really need it to return punts, so why have it?


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