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Jason and Amanda Dufner’s Wedding Day Music Video

I guess when you’ve made somewhere around 4 million dollars in tournament winnings this year, you can afford elaborate music videos to be made on your wedding day.

This brief, yet extravagant, look into Jason and Amanda Dufner’s wedding day shows us The Lip’s (my new nickname for him because apparently it’s not all snuff induced) dance moves, that awesome Auburn cake being eaten, and why some of you probably saw fireworks in Auburn on the night of Cinco de Mayo.

Oh, and expect another Dufner post later today, with a little less happy twist.

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Phillip 06/27/2012 at 10:26 am

I’m sure my wife will be glad to hear that Jason Dufner had her dream wedding. We were actually set to have our wedding there until financial troubles hit.


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