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Swag Star Begins His Virtual Auburn Career on NCAA 12

From time to time I hop on over to YouTube and do a search for “auburn” to see if there are any new goodies that have been uploaded recently. Today, I ran across a video by StaxMontana, one of those dudes who plays video games and records himself commenting over his games.

Well, this guy takes his NCAA Football 12 very seriously. He begins his high school career with a guy named Swag Star, gets some college offers, narrows his list down, and makes his college choice (Auburn) on Signing Day. The funny thing is that he treats this as if it’s actually him having to make these choices. He gives reasons as to why he chooses Auburn (because of Cam) and all that. He then goes through practice (commenting about which play impressed the coaches), and even the first game against Utah State, which was just as close the real version.

Yeah, I know. It’s the summer, and maybe I’m just uber-bored, but I thought this was pretty funny whether he meant for it to be or not. I mean the guy is like really bothered that he’s not starting over the Barrett Trotter knock-off. It’s hilarious. You’ll see… I hope.

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