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2012 Bracket Challenge Standings after Round 1

No, it’s not the 2nd round, regardless of what CBS tells you. The last two days were Round 1. Anything before that was a game designed to get four teams into the tournament. It wasn’t a separate round.

As you see, a chick leads all by herself. That’s pretty rare for there to be one person in a spot after only one round. Usually it takes two rounds or so to separate the field because from now on, each round has a different point value. I forgot to mention that in the original post.

Here’s how it will go: every correct pick in the 2nd round gets two points, 3rd round picks get 4 points, 4th round picks get 8 points, Final Four picks get 16 points, and correctly picking the winner gets you 32 points. So if you don’t see yourself in the top 10% (like I am), don’t worry, you could be up there by the end of this whole thing. 

What you need to watch is that “Best Score” column. If that number stays high, you have a good chance at winning because it tracks who you have left and how far you have them going. For instance, the guy in 2nd place that picked Missouri, yeah, his best score is way lower than everybody else near the top because he’ll be missing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th round points for them.

You can view all of the standings here. Thanks again for joining and making this the biggest Bracket Challenge thus far.

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