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Huddy’s Shiny Face Means That Auburn Baseball is Near

Auburn baseball opens up their 2012 season this weekend with a home series against Missouri. Contrary to what casual fans may think, this isn’t an SEC series. That won’t happen until next year.

Auburn comes into this season with tons and tons of questions waiting to be answered. Almost no position is set. Anybody could be playing anywhere. Last season, the defense was solid, the hitting was pretty good, but the pitching was quite frankly abysmal at times. Remember the Mother’s Day Meltdown? I was there, it was awful.

You’ll also remember from last season that Auburn was kept out of the NCAA tournament because of a 29-29 overall record. One more win would have gotten them in. One win over Samford, Jacksonville State, or South Alabama would have done it. Auburn has to win these mid-week games this year. They can be the difference in a chance to go to Omaha.

As bad as it seemed last year, Auburn was still able to get into the SEC tournament for the second year in a row, which is something that they weren’t able to do for a long, long time. I like where Pawlowski has the Tigers headed. I’m just ready to get back to those Tim Hudson days where Auburn was fighting for top seeds in the NCAA tournament and not just worried about beating smaller in-state schools. I’ll be there to see if it happens. Will you?

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