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Gameday Tweets – Iron Bowl

It was an early start, a busy start, a start that began with cell service. Once ESPN College Gameday ended, my Twitter client didn’t refresh again until after the game had been over for an hour. There were many TwitPic opportunities missed and many tweets wasted. One day I’ll have a phone that can sniff a signal on gameday. You’ll notice my early tweets were fun and my postgame tweets were fending off Bama fans.

ESPN Gameday/Pregame:


  • Welp, the better team won. #wareagleanyway
  • In one of the dumber moments in sports history, Alabama fans chanting “LSU! LSU! LSU!” They want a team that already beat them at home?
  • For some reason people can’t separate the Auburn of me and my thoughts that Alabama should not go to the NCG. Believe me, they are separate.
  • Uneducated and klassy, like the rest. WE @GVMcElroy Shout out to Auburn for making it to the Music City Bowl! #SEC
  • Since the end of the game, I have tweeted that the better team won, and that I don’t like a rematch, and somehow that means I’m butthurt?
  • WE @JHokanson: Auburn senior Eltoro Freeman reflecting after his last game inside Jordan-Hare Stadium.
  • LSU and a team that hasn’t already lost to LSU. WE @jpettisgolf3147 @WarBlogle who should go to the NCG game and why?
  • Alabama fans laugh at undefeated Auburn not getting a shot in 2004, but think their claim of a spot with one loss should be taken seriously.
  • If Alabama had beaten LSU and was forced to play them again, the “PAWWWWWLLLLLLL”s would be endless.
  • This was a highlight. Loved the return of “All I Do Is Win.” WE @AUHD The special Iron Bowl Inspiration video:…
  • Great pic from today. WE @wardamnphil
  • Met Jay Jacobs today by the way. Took a while for me to convince him I was not the airport guy. #wareagle
  • Someone said this was possible last week and was lambasted. WE @auburnbeat Chick-Fil-A bowl spinning a potential AU-Clemson rematch/prematch
  • There are multiple Alabama fans telling me that I misspelled “klassy.” That’s so Bama.
  • My ******* stupid what? WE @mriosco @WarBlogle your ******* stupid
  • WE @cbfowler The War Eagle. He is cool.
  • Shirt spotted in Jordan-Hare today. One of many.
  • Auburn finished 7-5, which in some cases is 3 wins better than some thought. After last year and what we lost, I’m ok with that. #wareagle
  • Youth and lack of leadership are gone. 2012 will be a year to show they’ve grown up. Start it off with a good bowl win and go from there.
  • Now we wait on bowl selection and inevitable coaching moves/changes. Exciting and not fun at the same time. Some moves will/need to happen.
  • And with all that being said, I’m going to sleep and STILL a National Champion (until January 9th)!!! #auburn #wareagle

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Jonah 11/28/2011 at 8:16 pm

Shout out to Gregg McElroy for holding the clipboard for the jets! and oh ya does your head still hurt?

War eagle!

freemanjiro 11/29/2011 at 12:25 am

That Updyke shirt does say “ROT”, right?



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