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Gameday Tweets – Florida

Even with a brand spanking new iPhone 4S, it was still almost impossible to get good service on Auburn’s campus. If they don’t have mobile towers, as in a tower that is mobile that they can park near the stadium on gamedays, then they need to get on it. I need to tweet. You need to tweet. We all need to tweet. The tweets were also a little sparse because we didn’t get on campus until around noon. Oh well, we won. You’ll live.

  • GAMEDAY BAAABBBBBBBBBBAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle #florida
  • No. WE @Emma_Holman Did @WarBlogle reclaim his tailgate against the hunger folks?
  • Challenge for you today: find a Florida fan not wearing a jersey. #auburn #gators
  • The classiness is not confined inside Alabama state lines. WE @hunnytrees my jersey has dead oak trees on it #GOGATORS
  • I suspect you’re drunk. WE @davidpollack47 I got UF over AU today. Fla Dline will look dominate again against a suspect Auburn Oline.
  • @hunnytrees @whduncan Comparing a jersey joke to a Toomer’s joke is like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.
  • The entire ESPN Gameday crew picks Auburn. #wareagle
  • Have two tickets for the game tonight. Best offer. Tweet me. #auburn #wareagle
  • My tickets are gone, but @JLGordon88 has two. Tweet him. #auburn #wareagle
  • I haven’t missed a home game in 12 years, people. The tickets I was selling were not mine.
  • #drunj WE @FootballAU Lots of tailgating happening on the beauftiful AU campus today. Fans excitetd about the first SEC night game.
  • Alright, we’re here. Still the corner of Roosevelt and Mell. Look for the inflatable Aubie. Come, slap hands. #wareagle
  • I’m at @WarBlogle Tailgate (Auburn)
  • No….. you are. WE @aubietiger1928 Just met @WarBlogle super nice guy
  • No….. you are. WE @JoshuaBBlack Auburn fans follow @WarBlogle . Great Auburn man! #WDE
  • Just talked to @ZacEtheridge4. He may be stopping by the tailgate. So should you. @BabyBlogle is waiting. #auburn
  • Florida fans: keeping jersey, jort, and hair gel sales above average in America. It’s not a stereotype. It’s the truth. #auburn
  • I’m at Jordan-Hare Stadium for Florida Gators vs. Auburn Tigers w/ @chrisbeachum @britrianne @cbulloch [pic]:
  • I have spotted an Alabama shirt and an Oregon shirt at every one of Auburn’s home games this season. Get. A. Life.
  • Florida’s band wears baseball hats. I’m sure that surprises nobody. #gators #auburn
  • Holy crap I missed those videos. #auburn #wareagle @AUHD
  • And @rossenator22 craps himself…. #dlo #auburn
  • The defense has learned how to tackle. The receivers can not get open. That’s pretty much it. #auburn #wareagle
  • Auburn beats Florida 17-6, holds the Gators under 200 yards and no touchdowns. #wareagle
  • T-Bell, a Florida native, is running around the field doing the Gator Chomp. #auburn #wareagle
  • You’re ugly. WE @ESPN_SEC Auburn wins an ugly one against Gators –
  • Not a good start for the new guy… WE @wareagleextra Regarding my infamous “three wins” tweet, that’s a Droid fail. Meant to type their.
  • Everybody give it up for @BabyBlogle who went the whole day without a nap. He was the difference tonight. #auburn #wareagle
  • 5-2 and that’s alright. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #wareagle #bedtimepoetry

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