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Interesting Tidbits on a Bye Week (Midweek Edition)

  • Kevin Scarbinsky says that Gene Chizik’s first year at Auburn mirrors Nick Saban’s first year at Alabama. I just checked and couldn’t find any losses to LA-Monroe on Auburn’s schedule this year. Also, Bama ended the regular season 6-6 that year. Auburn will end their regular season 8-4.
  • Scarbo is back as he writes about Chizik defending Ted Roof.
  • Chris Low had a post up that has magically disappeared from his blog about the breakout performers in the SEC this year. Anyway, his list included zero Auburn players. Not even sophomore Darvin Adams who leads the SEC in touchdown receptions and is in the top six in receptions and yards. I’m not sure how Low defines breakout season, but Darvin had three or so catches last year and is among the best in the league this year. This guy is really smart.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Eric Smith has been sued by the guy who punched him first, and two other players have been mentioned in the scuffle as well. It’s amazing how this guy got extra beat up from the time the police and medical reports were written to now. The punching bag’s attorney was on Finebaum yesterday and claimed that Auburn has a gang on it’s team, which of course Finebaum ate up. Paul then claimed to have seen the tape of the “beating” and said it’s disgusting, shocking, and other things that somehow relate the state of Auburn football to a guy getting in a fight. Someone called in and asked why he didn’t have Eric Smith’s attorney on, to which Finebaum replied “They know where we are.”  How many of you seriously believe that punching bag’s attorney called Finebaum first?
  • If you ever needed another reason to hate him, while sitting in Nick Saban’s lap, Finebaum wrote this crap.
  • Even though we already know what’s going to happen, and we shouldn’t even play the game, Auburn is still going to practice for the Iron Bowl. If that’s ok with you Paul.
  • Auburn lost to Missouri State in basketball. They beat Arkansas last year, so shutup.

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JackTheRabbit 11/18/2009 at 12:27 pm

But I didn’t say anything! You want my review for this week? Here we go…
Auburn’s opponent this weekend has a better chance at beating Alabama than Chattanooga.

bandwagon 11/18/2009 at 12:49 pm

Finebaum is the man! Duh Auburn is THUG U! Everyone knows that. They’re playas are always selling coke on campus, and getting arrested for assalt. Their almost as bad as Florida State!


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