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Week 8 Predictions

I just can’t seem to get over the hump. Every week I slip up on one pick, and ruin the whole thing. Aside from the Auburn-LSU game, the slate this week is pretty boring. Oh well, let me spice it up  and with a few upset picks, and ruin my chances for a perfect week again. I mean, who wants to read the Kentucky will beat Jacksonville State? I know I don’t.

Last Week: 5-1
This Week: 3-3
Overall: 51-13 (79.7%)


Jacksonville State at Kentucky – Danny Sheridan set the line for this game at JSU -9. That technically means he believes that the Gamecocks will beat Kentucky by 9. Those that I’ve heard talk about it believe this must be a typo. Whether it is or not, I think it’s true. Remember, JSU beat Ole Miss last year, and Kentucky is worse than the Rebels were at that time.

I’m going with the Gamecocks from Jacksonville, AL.

Jacksonville State 24, Kentucky 20

Kentucky 38, Jacksonville State 14FAILURE

Arkansas at Ole Miss – Those at Arkansas don’t love Houston Nutt for the way he left them a few years ago. I’m sure they would love to give him a nice beatdown at his newest home. Wait, what am I talking about? Bobby Petrino wouldn’t do that…

Arkansas 45, Ole Miss 10

Arkansas 29, Ole Miss 24 – SUCCESS!

Army at Vanderbilt – Did you know that Commodore Vanderbilt wasn’t actually a commodore? They just called him that because he messed with boats a lot. I’m not sure on this, but I don’t think that actual members of the military take too kindly to people using military titles when they haven’t earned them.

The Black Knights will beat the fake Commodores.

Army 23, Vanderbilt 17

Vanderbilt 44, Army 21 FAILURE

Tennessee at Alabama – Alabama is a 30-point favorite over the Volunteers, and they probably should be. Tennessee is not good and doesn’t have their starting quarterback. I just can’t wait to see Trent Richardson have another “Heisman moment” against a team that doesn’t have an SEC win.

Alabama 45, Tennessee 7

Alabama 37,  Tennessee 6SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Wisconsin at Michigan State – Michigan State beat Michigan last week. So what? Beating the Wolverines doesn’t meant what it used to mean, yet. This game will be close because it’s in East Lansing, but Wisconsin will continue their season-long beatdown of the rest of the Big 10.

Wisconsin 45, Michigan State 35

Michigan State 37, Wisconsin 31FAILURE

Washington at Stanford – The fact that this game is in here should tell you how many good games there are this weekend. Both teams are ranked, but we know Stanford is going to kill Washington on their way to another one-loss season.

Stanford 38, Washington 14

Stanford 65, Washington 21SUCCESS!

**Upset Special**

North Carolina at Clemson – Maryland showed the blueprint for stopping Clemson last week, they just couldn’t finish it out. Everybody keeps saying that eventually Clemson will pull a Clemson. I think it happens this week.

North Carolina 31, Clemson 28

Clemson 59, North Carolina 38FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Auburn at LSU – There are some mighty confident Tiger fans out there. Auburn Tiger fans, that is. I think I only counted 4 of 44 entries predicting an LSU win. Like always, there were a few that I had to throw out. “2827-1” and “Auburn bunch of points, LSU -1” just don’t help the average’s accuracy (sorry, you bloody Brit). My favorite, though, was “LSU’s potheads 3, Auburn’s 0.” Hey, we don’t have potheads…

Auburn 20, LSU 17

Auburn 20, LSU 17 FAILURE

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Zane 10/20/2011 at 2:59 pm

Solid picks as usual,
Although I would argue Wisconsin is going to win by a lot more.
I’d be interested to see the fan vote if those players weren’t suspended.


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