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Week 6 Predictions

Just when I start bragging about being such a good picker, I double my number of incorrect picks in just one week. That’s usually what happens when you jump the gun and brag about being the best of all time before the season is even halfway over.

Last Week: 4-4
This Week: 6-1
Overall: 43-9 (82.7%)


Mississippi State at UAB – So Dan Mullen, your team is 0-3 in the SEC and this week you travel to Legion Field to play the UAB Blazers, an activity usually performed by teams like UTEP and Tulsa. You make us all proud. I’d definitely say you have things going in the right direction.

Mississippi State 38, UAB 10

Mississippi State 21, UAB 3SUCCESS!

Kentucky at South Carolina – Connor Shaw will get the start this week against the Wildcats. That’s one thing I love about Steve Spurrier, he’s real. He knows that Kentucky isn’t going to beat them no matter who’s playing quarterback, so he might as well try out Shaw. Part of me thinks he’s just trying to see if he can get Garcia to quit.

South Carolina 31, Kentucky 7

South Carolina 54, Kentucky 3SUCCESS!

Florida at LSU – This game lost a little bit of its luster when Florida’s Brantley went down against Alabama. I don’t think Florida was near as good as last week’s pregame hype wanted us to believe, but CBS needed ratings, so we were led to believe that it was going to be a monumental match-up.

Florida definitely isn’t as good now that they are starting a true freshman quarterback. He might leave this game with only three limbs once the LSU defense gets done with him. The LSU offense still does nothing for me, but like most games this season it won’t matter. All they’ll need is 7-10 points.

LSU 17, Florida 7

LSU 41, Florida 11SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Alabama – It’s Homecoming week at Alabama. You know that means. Thousands upon thousands of fans will come back to the school they never attended to watch an easy win. Vanderbilt looked like they might have a decent season after a few games, but that dream is over.

Alabama 31, Vanderbilt 10

Alabama 34, Vanderbilt 0 SUCCESS!

Georgia at Tennessee – I would say that both of these teams are around the same level right now. The only difference is that Tennessee is passing Georgia on the way up as the Dawgs go down. Everyone thinks that Georgia has an easy road to Atlanta now that South Carolina lost to Auburn and Florida’s quarterback troubles. Tennessee could make that trip a little tougher this weekend. I think they will.

Tennessee 34, Georgia 28

Georgia 20, Tennessee 12 FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Cotton Bowl) – Well, if Oklahoma wins this one they’re pretty much in the BCS National Championship game, right? This is the only tough game on the schedule, as it is most years, although Texas still isn’t back being the Texas we all know. The Sooners will take advantage of that and work on some style points.

Oklahoma 41, Texas 20

Oklahoma 55, Texas 17 SUCCESS!

Ohio State at Nebraska – This surely would have been a pretty big match-up if not for some Buckeyes’ love for ink. The Huskers were pretty much embarrassed last week in Madison, but will look to get a leg up on what will probably be a pretty big rivalry once Ohio State gets back on track.

Nebraska 30, Ohio State 10 SUCCESS!

Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27

**Upset Special**

Cal at Oregon (Thursday) – Aside from Auburn, the Bears had the most success stopping Oregon’s offense last season. Of course, this year’s game is in Eugene, but if Cal can hide the fact that they are faking injuries to slow down the offense a little more, they could pull off the big upset.

Cal 34, Oregon 31

Oregon 43, Cal 15 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Auburn at Arkansas – For the two people that picked Auburn to shut Arkansas out, how is that ocean-front property in Arizona this time of year? And to the guy who picked Auburn to win 4-1 (you know who you are), no it’s not baseball season, well not technically. Geez people…

Auburn 33, Arkansas 28

Arkansas 38, Auburn 14 FAILURE

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John 10/07/2011 at 1:55 pm

UGA beats UT with a dominant ground attack.

OU beats UT, but it’s closer than 3 scores. OU seems to salt away opponents this year and play to win, not blowout their opponent (see FSU and Mizzou games).

I can’t see USC winning by 24 over UK. They look like a team that is about to completely fall off it’s wheels. Can they recover a respectable season (ala Auburn 2003) or will they fall on their face (Auburn 2003)… Either way their win won’t a big margin

John 10/07/2011 at 1:57 pm

Typos…fall on their face (Auburn 2008)…USC won’t win by a big margin

John 10/08/2011 at 2:40 pm

Wow, South Carolina looks awesome. Goodbye Garcia, hello Connor Shaw!


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