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Week 2 Predictions

I did pretty well last week, but guess who he kept me from a perfect slate. Here’s a hint: they didn’t just ruin my picks, they ruin uniforms, too. Yep, it’s Georgia. Look, if you aren’t going to be good, quit drawing attention to yourself by agreeing to wear ridiculous eye-catching uniforms. It’s best to just go hide and fade away.

This Week: 8-1
Last Week: 10-1
Overall: 18-2 (90.0%)


Central Michigan at Kentucky – Last week, Kentucky only scored 14 points on Western Kentucky, in one of the worst games I have ever seen. Central Michigan only scored 21 points against South Carolina State. This one might be very, very ugly. I have to think that SEC talent will win out, though. When does basketball season start?

Kentucky 20, Central Michigan 10

Kentucky 27, Central Michigan 13SUCCESS!

Cincinnati at Tennessee – These two teams combined for 114 points last week. Of course that was against two FCS teams. This match-up probably looked a little more appealing a few years ago when Brian Kelly had the Bearcats on top of the Big East, but now it’s the battle of two 2nd-year coaches coming off lackluster seasons. Tennessee seems to be getting better, and Cincinnati is still playing with Big East players that only won 4 games last season.

Tennessee 31, Cincinnati 17

Tennessee 45, Cincinnati 23SUCCESS!

Alabama at Penn State – Something very strange is going on. I actually heard a few people who get paid to talk about college football saying that Alabama might have some trouble in this one. Obviously, they were still picked to win, but some are saying it’s going to be close. I tend to agree (imagine that). Alabama’s offense will have some trouble because they still can’t decide on a quarterback, and even then their best choice doesn’t seem to be that great, but their defense will keep Penn State from scoring enough to win.

Alabama 24, Penn State 10

Alabama 27, Penn State 11SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Georgia – Mark Richt has had a bag packed for at least the past three years. He will starting getting his toiletries ready after this one.

Once the Stephen Garcia benching experiment ended last week, the Gamecocks very obviously became a better team and look good enough to win the East again. Georgia embarrassed themselves and the SEC in multiple ways last week, and they won’t regroup enough to even be competitive in this one.

South Carolina 38, Georgia 13

South Carolina 45, Georgia 42 SUCCESS!

Southern Illinois at Ole Miss – The Rebel Black Bears played well enough to win last week, and if not for a fumble returned for touchdown, they would have. But they didn’t. They lost, as I predicted they would.

As bad as they’ll be this year, they’re still good enough to beat the Salukis, but it won’t be impressive.

Ole Miss 27, Southern Illinois 17

Ole Miss 42, Southern Illinois 24SUCCESS!

New Mexico at Arkansas – I’m noticing a trend with the Razorbacks. Last year, they opened the season with Tennessee Tech and Louisiana-Monroe. This year, they open with Missouri State and New Mexico. Watch out now. Don’t hurt yourself.

So I’ve figured out their plan. They start the season with easy wins that allow them to rack up tons of points and yards. People see those numbers, jump on the bandwagon, and overhype them, which gets them ranked in the top 10-15 of the polls and in the discussion for the BCS. The only problem is that those numbers don’t show up against real competition later down the road. Oh well, it’s a good plan.

Arkansas 61, New Mexico 14

Arkansas 52, New Mexico 3SUCCESS!

UAB at Florida – I have no idea why, but when I look at this I think upset. UAB is definitely not good enough to beat Florida, but they also didn’t look good enough to beat LSU in 2000 when Saban was still there. Yeah, I had to throw that in there.

I have no idea how good the Blazers are because they haven’t played a game yet, but they’re usually nothing special. So I guess I’ll go against my gut and pick my with brain. Just remember that I said it could happen when it does.

Florida 38, UAB 10

Florida 39, UAB 0SUCCESS!

Connecticut at Vanderbilt – Given the level of apathy I have for predicting Vanderbilt games makes me realize that I wouldn’t care if Texas A&M just outright replaced the Commodores once they move over to the SEC.

Connecticut is, or is at least close to being, the best team in their conference. Vanderbilt is the worst.

Connecticut 23, Vanderbilt 10

Vanderbilt 24, Connecticut 21FAILURE

Northwestern State at LSU – Quick, where is Northwestern State? Wrong, it’s in Louisiana. I bet LSU is happy they get a cupcake before the huge Thursday night match-up with Mississippi State in Starkville. I’m sure this game is early in the day so that they will have plenty of extra time to prepare for the Bulldogs. Oh, what’s that? This game is at 7pm? Then why did Mississippi State request the 11am game at Auburn to get an early start on the Bengal Tigers? No, I will not less this go.

LSU 48, Northwestern State 0

LSU 49, Northwestern State 3 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction

Mississippi State at Auburn – The Twit-Fam continues to have an undefeated record. Auburn continues to have an undefeated record since the Twit-Fam started predicting their games. Is there a connection? Nahhhhhhh.

This week, the average score may be a tad skewed by the 97 to -4 prediction that I actually included. I usually throw those out, but if there was ever a team outside of Alabama that I would like to see score -4 points, it would be Mississippi State.

Auburn 33, Mississippi State 24

Auburn 41, Mississippi State 34SUCCESS!

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Auburn fan who left early 09/08/2011 at 4:17 pm

At least Arkansas whips the little sisters they play.

Aubiester 09/08/2011 at 6:47 pm

At least Auburn doesn’t have a recent record of losing to Louisiana Tech (twice), Central Florida, Louisiana-Monroe, Hawaii, Northern Illinois. Have I missed any?

Thomas in Chicago 09/09/2011 at 7:39 am

HEY! Northern Illinois is a good football team! (screams the loneliest little Auburn fan at NIU)

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