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The First Time Cam Newton Met Tom Brady

Under Armour recently released a commercial for their new “Footsteps” campaign that featured our boy Cam Newton, Ray Lewis, and Tom Brady. Although they were both Under Armour guys, Newton and Brady had not met until just before shooting the commercial. Here’s what that meeting (plus some questioning by the director, Peter Berg) looked like:

Next meeting: Super Bowl XLVI.

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aujewel 08/11/2011 at 8:53 am

Brady said it. “You can’t teach that!”

AUjamstan 08/11/2011 at 9:26 am

Tom Brady on looking back and seeking to improve himself in every aspect: “Life is the win.” Now THAT resonates. I also loved the sheer honesty and rawness of Cam’s off-the-cuff answers to some difficult and heady questions like dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty before the big game. Regardless of Cam’s answer, he has shown the world he can deal with it. (Digression: Our first couple of possessions in the 2010 IB would be the exception as our anxieties were raging in the sold out Bryant Denny stadium. Once we got the butterflies to fly in formation, it sure had a nice outcome. I’ll never forget that epic Mark Ingram fumble squirting down the sideline. That bad Bama nightmare is now my “milk and cookies”!)


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