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FootballRankings Poll (after Week 11)

Only one change this week, and it involves a purple amphibian and a blue horse.

1. Auburn (1) – Auburn is 11-0 in the toughest conference in America, and just ran for 300 yards for the 6th game in the row.

2. Oregon (2) – The Ducks were one missed field-goal away from their first loss, and it would have come to a 5-loss team. If there weren’t already #2 in every poll, they should be now.

3. Boise State (4) – The Broncos only move up because of TCU’s lackluster performance against San Diego State.

4. TCU (3) – How’s that Utah win looking now, and you struggle against a less-than-mediocre team? Down, down, down…the Horned Frogs going down.

5. LSU (5) – LSU is the most offensively inept one-loss team in the nation. Against UL-Monroe, they had one offensive touchdown in the first half. That must be some magic grass.

6. Wisconsin (7) – 83 points?! That’ll move you up.

7. Stanford(6) – The Cardinal had to hold on to beat a now 6-loss Arizona State. That’ll move you down.

8. Nebraska (8) – I can’t figure out the Cornhuskers. One week they seem to have an unstoppable offense, but then the last two weeks they should have lost to Iowa State and only beat Kansas 20-3. They’ll still win the Big 12.

9. Ohio State(9) – So you blew out Penn State? Who hasn’t?

10. Alabama (10) – Zzzzzzz…..

11. Oklahoma State (11) – The Cowboys keep hanging around with one loss.

12. Arkansas (12) – Arkansas, Nebraska, South Carolina…all the same team. Awesome one week, very mediocre or downright bad the next. The Hawgs could still go to a BCS bowl by beating LSU, along with with an Alabama loss to Auburn.

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