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UT-Chattanooga Preview

This is a preview of Auburn’s game with the Mocs of UT-Chattanooga, so I will do my best to keep from discussing the Cam Newton situation. Period. End of Story.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the Cam Newton situation. I know most are wondering how or if it will effect the players and coaches. Honestly, I don’t think this could have been released on a better week. Even if the players, especially Cam, have what the future may hold in the back of their heads, the level of talent they are lining up against should allow for even a distracted Auburn to win handily. So to answer your question, no, I don’t think the team, even Cam, will be affected, in a negative way, at all.

The reason I say “in a negative way” is because there’s no doubt that the team will be affected in a way that some would call positive, but most would call scary. Have you ever been accused of something that you were completely innocent of doing? How did it make you feel? Did you want to beat that person senseless because you knew you had the right in the unwritten rules of pride and honor? Well since Cam Newton and his teammates can’t exactly beat the two guys who have thrown them under the bus, they’ll just have to take it out on their next opponent. Sorry Mocs, it’s nothing personal.

If you follow any of the players on Twitter, you would quickly see that they are as upbeat and focused as they have been all season. Who knows, maybe their confident and seemingly oblivious attitude has something to do with an alleged team meeting that occurred last night where very strong and powerful words were used emphatically by Gene Chizik on reassuring the team that things were going to be just fine. This team has been doubted and looked down upon all season, what’s another week of it going to do to them? Nothing but motivate, like it always has.

The gameplan should be the exact same as it was against UL-Monroe: get the lead, have fun, and coast to another win. An obvious talent advantage plus a little rage will give the Tigers a few more points this time around, and send the Mocs home with a big paycheck, but a big loss.

Auburn 63, UT-Chattanooga 3

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