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The ‘Blogler Gets Interviewed

Someone actually noticed the hard work that I put into this website and how purely awesome it is, and decided that I knew enough about Auburn sports to get my thoughts for his blog. Ok, maybe I was his third choice, but let’s not harp on that. Anything but Gatorade is a Vanderbilt/Kentucky sports blog (wow, what a sad place to be) run by Taylor Sorrels, a well-respected lawyer from Louisville.

As you will see in his blog, he for some reason thinks that the painting of Ronnie Brown running over Jason Allen in 2004 is awesome, but not real. Oh, it’s real. He also likes to make the cliche “which mascot is it?” joke. Yawn. But anyway, he thought I was good enough for his blog, or good enough to make fun of, so I can’t badmouth him too much.

Either way here’s an excerpt:

AbG: Why is the “new” offense under Malzahn so much more effective than it was when that *genius* Tony Franklin tried to change things up?

WarBlogle: The main difference this year is that we don’t have a nutjob trying to take over the team, and bashing the other coaches who have been friends for 10 years because they are men of faith. And as mentioned before, Franklin was hired to run first, but constantly fought to be a passing team. Plus, the fact that Malzahn has been given full rein over the offense is a huge factor.

You can read the entire interview here.

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rayers1001 10/16/2009 at 1:56 pm

Not a homer huh? Yeah right. The first sentence in your excerpt response proves you are a homer. Bring on the non-homer bashing!


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