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FootballRoundtable of Tigers Past

Roundtable of Tigers Past – Kentucky Week

The guys return for another week of talking Auburn football. This week they discuss the positives and negatives from the Lousiana-Monroe win, if revenge will play a part in Auburn’s trip to Kentucky, and Auburn’s current ranking. As always, if you have any questions for the guys, feel free to post them in the comments section. Enjoy.

1. What were your thoughts about the Louisiana-Monroe game? Did you see anything negative in terms of Auburn’s performance? What positive stood out to you?

Bret: I thought the game went just how it should. We did a great job of play calling and executing on both sides of the ball. We spread the ball around on offense and were able to still execute. Not letting any one player get hit too many times was obviously the goal and I think we were very successful at that.

As far as negatives, I don’t remember any. The defense wasn’t too aggressive so LA-Monroe was able to move the ball some, but they were never able to get it in the endzone. With the number of young guys we played I was impressed with the ability to hold their offense down when needed.

Jeris: The LA-Monroe game was a good game for plenty of reasons. It’s always good to see everybody play because the season is long and you never know when you are going to need somebody step in and play.

I was very impressed with all of the young players on defense. They did a great job of not letting LA-Monroe into the endzone. It was also good to see Cam Newton stay in the pocket and work on our passing game. We all know he can run, but it was good to see him sit in the pocket and work on something that will help him in the future.

Cole: The team did what they had to do. It went about as well as I thought it could. One positive was the fact Cam took one hit the entire game yet still put up great numbers, not to mention the amount of young guys that played. Anthony Morgan really stood out.

2. Was revenge ever on your mind when going into a game against a team that beat you the previous year? Should Auburn have a revenge mindset this week going to Lexington?

Bret: Probably against Georgia the year after they had the 4th down catch to beat us. Obviously, the next year it didn’t go so well for us, but the following year we exercised those demons. I think this team’s leaders will do just fine motivating the team without having to use revenge. When you are at a success level like we are now I think the focus should be on winning this year and what you can do to make that happen rather than what happened last year.

Jeris: People say it’s not about revenge, but in my eyes if somebody beats you the year before you are going to remember it. It’s human nature that if somebody knocks you on your butt, you’re going to want to get up and knock them on there butt. Last year Kentucky came in our house and knocked us on our butt. I am sure all the players that played in the game last year are going to remember that feeling. So I don’t know if you call it revenge, but if a team comes into your backyard and beats you the year before, you are going to want some get back.

Cole: No it wasn’t and no it shouldn’t be. It’s okay for that to be a reason for extra motivation and preparation, but things are different. It’s a new year and a new team. Focus on what you can control, that’s not 365 days ago.

3. Where do you think Auburn ranks in the SEC as of right now and why? What do you think of their #8 national ranking?

Bret: From what I’ve seen from the SEC, I’d say we are definitely in the top 3. How that shakes out on the field could be anyone’s guess. I’d say us (Auburn) and Alabama are clearly at the top with South Carolina or Arkansas having the ability to play with us on a given night. These will obviously all shake out as the season progresses, but if our defense can continue to play solid and we keep opening the play book a little more each week on offense, this has the chance to be a special Auburn team.

Jeris: It’s too early to tell where we rank in the SEC. There is a lot of football still to be played. But I can tell you we have played against some good football teams and won. I can also say we have all the components of a championship football team. After these next three games ask me the same question and I will be able to tell you.

We have won once on the road this year, so let’s see if we can do it again. We have beat two good football teams at home, so let’s see if we can do it again (Arkansas, LSU). After that we should all know the answer to this question.

Cole: The ranking is fair in my mind, but a little dangerous considering what lies ahead. But again those variables are out of their control. I would put them at #2. I rank by week, not by season. So my top 10 changes often. It’s great to see the program get respect and the kids have earned it, but the degree of difficulty will only increase.

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