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Swan Lake on the Plains

If you follow Terrell Zachary on Twitter, you probably know that he, Quindarius Carr, and former-tiger Mike Slade are taking a dance class this semester. We had been teased with random comments about the class, but this afternoon he presented us with this gold.

I’m not sure I could have posted this. As I tweeted this afternoon, I know Bo Jackson did ballet, but I don’t know about this. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t hugging, holding, and catching another dude. It looks like they’re having fun with it, though.

Here’s T-Zac and Slade. I love how the cameraman (probably Q-Carr) is laughing.

Here’s Q-Carr at least dancing with a girl:

I hope we keep this in the Family, but I guess I’m not helping with that am I?

Anyway, don’t miss out on the next performance. Follow @TZAC81AU, QCarr_9, and @YungSlade11 on Twitter. Follow me while you’re at it.

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