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Week 6 Predictions: Finally You Play Somebody

I had a pretty strong week last week. Apparently the non-pressure of not having an Auburn game was all the difference. Or it was the fact that each game was an easy pick. Now everything changes. It’s finally time for some other SEC teams to join Auburn in playing teams with a pulse. But that just means tougher choices. Let’s do it.

Last Week: 7-1
This Week: 6-1

Overall: 50-13 (79.4%)


Mississippi State at Kentucky – I know Auburn had their chance, but when is Mississippi State going to get exposed? Everyone wants to talk about Alabama and Georgia having easy schedules, but Mississippi State takes the cake so far. In their first seven games, they have played or will play Jackson State, Troy, South Alabama, Kentucky, and Middle Tennessee State. Even then, the other two teams that should normally pose a challenge are Auburn and Tennessee.

They have played nobody playing near the top of their game or at the top of college football in any way. This is the only reason that they are ranked. They’ll beat Kentucky this week, might beat Tennessee in Starkville, but then could lose four of their last six. I guess we’ll wait till then.

Mississippi State 35, Kentucky 10

Mississippi State 27, Kentucky 14SUCCESS!

LSU at Florida – I think both of these teams are overhyped. We already know LSU is, and we have good reason to think Florida is as well. Yes, the Gators have two semi-impressive road wins at Texas A&M and Tennessee, but that’s it. Not the cream of the crop. They have played well in those games, though. LSU on the other hand, especially Mettenberger, was like a deer in the headlights in a night game at Auburn. The Swamp will provide the same atmosphere.

I’m torn. I don’t think Florida is that great, but I think LSU, with the way looked last week against Towson, is playing like a team that knows the curtain has been pulled back. Their voodoo is gone. Florida will win in a close one and be in line for an SEC East title.

Florida 24, LSU 20

Florida 14, LSU 6SUCCESS!

Georgia at South Carolina – #5 versus #6. What? Seriously? Did you see how Georgia played against a very mediocre Tennessee last week? Did you see South Carolina struggle with Kentucky for a half, and with Vanderbilt in week one? If these two teams are of the top six teams in the country, we are all in for a terrible football season.

Georgia’s offense can score points, and they will, to hopefully get the Gamecocks out of any discussions of any sort of championships. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m a cynic, and yes, I hate everybody.

Georgia 38, South Carolina 17

South Carolina 35, Georgia 7SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Missouri James Franklin will get his first signature SEC win against the least SEC team in the league. Wait, he’s still coaching Vanderbilt? Nevermind. Missouri hasn’t looked great, but that’s still better than the Commodores.

Missouri 34, Vanderbilt 20

Vanderbilt 19, Missouri 15FAILURE

Texas A&M at Ole Miss – Texas scored 66 points on Ole Miss a few weeks ago. Texas A&M is averaging 48 points a game. Ole Miss can score as well, but they will really hate the state of Texas once this game is done.

Texas A&M 44, Ole Miss 21

Texas A&M 30, Ole Miss 27 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

West Virginia at Texas – It looks like Texas might sorta, kinda be back a little bit. We’ll see how back they are when they go up against the West Virginia offense. Texas is a solid, well-balanced team, while the Mountaineers are all offense, all the time. They will have to outscore Texas to win, and I think they will.

West Virginia 41, Texas 35

West Virginia 48, Texas 45SUCCESS!

Washington at Oregon – LSU killed Washington earlier in the season, which at this point should push the Huskies even further down the chain. But after knocking off Stanford, they are ranked, with LSU being their only loss of the season. They are going to get trounced by Oregon, so we’ll be done with them.

Oregon 54, Washington 17

Oregon 52, Washington 21SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Oklahoma at Texas Tech – Tommy Tuberville’s Texas Tech (say that four times really fast) is 4-0. Sure, they’ve played nobody, but 4-0 is 4-0. You’ll remember the Red Raiders knocked of the then #1 Sooners at home last year. I think they can do it again… at least for purposes of needing an upset alert game this week.

Texas Tech 38, Oklahoma 31

Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 20FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

Arkansas at Auburn – There was definitely a more positive vibe this week than the last. We had a few “Auburn 100, Arkansas 3” entries, and one “Coaches in need of an insane asylum: #Arkansas 1 #Auburn 0”, too. So at least it seems like the tweeters are in a little better mood. Overall, the consensus was around a 10-14 point win for Auburn. I’d like more than that, but I’ll take it.

Auburn 28, Arkansas 14

Arkansas 24, Auburn 7FAILURE

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