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Interesting Tidbits before Kentucky (Midweek Edition)

Here are your ‘bits. Let me know if you have anything interesting that I should post in Friday’s edition.

  • has Auburn pretty high on their list of teams being snubbed by the polls. But that’s right, Auburn fans are the only ones who think Auburn should be ranked.
  • Charles Goldberg has some nice updates about the Auburn Football team including an update on Eltoro Freeman’s status, Aubrey Phillips’s departure, and a few other tidbits of his own.
  • Despite the offensive struggles last week, Auburn is still #5 in the nation in total offense, and of those five they are one of two teams that have played six games. You can view how Auburn stacks up to the nation and the conference by clicking on Auburn in the list (sorry, no link).
  • Ben Tate is now leading the SEC in rushing and Andy Bitter has a nice little write-up about it. Chris Todd is second in passing in the conference as well. Oh, and Auburn is #1 in the conference in total offense now too. For all of the SEC stat comparisons go here.
  • Chris Low continues riding the Auburn-negativity train, and lets us know that the depth concerns we all feared are starting to come to fruition.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard, but Antonio Coleman had a sit-down with Coach Chizik about his concerns about the defense. It looks like it went pretty well in this article by Jay G. Tate.
  • In basketball news, yes basketball news, Kurt Wirth tells Auburn that they will be firing Lebo at the end of the season and the Tigers shouldn’t even worry about showing up to the Coliseum for any game this year. Geez, I thought the football preseason prognostications were bad.

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