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Week 3 Predictions

This Week: 9-2
Last Week: 7-1
Overall: 28-5 (84.8%)


Louisville at Kentucky – Boy, do you remember when this game mattered?!…I don’t. Petrino left the cupboard bare, and Kentucky is back to wishing it was already basketball season. This annual “rivalry” will be boring and ugly, but the SEC should pick up the first of two wins over the Big East for the day.

Kentucky 30, Louisville 10

Kentucky 31, Louisville 27 SUCCESS!

North Texas at Alabama – If Julio Jones’s first and last name start with the same letter, shouldn’t he be called Hulio Hones or Gulio Gones? Just a thought.

Week 2 of the “Who Cares” bowl commences. Will Gulio play? Will Mark Ingram play? Will the Tahd struggle again in this one? Does anybody care?

Alabama 31, North Texas 13

Alabama 53, North Texas 7 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Florida – I keep thinking that this one is going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. Florida has looked awesome against two smaller schools. Tennessee trounced their creampuff, but lost to UCLA last week. I’d say Florida is a lot better than UCLA, but I just have this sneaking suspicion that Florida either has the big head or isn’t as good as we think. I mean would the Bestest Team in the History of the World, Galaxy, and Universe on High allow nine points to such Earthly opponents in Charleston Southern and Troy?

How dare I doubt Tebow (T-shirt idea)? Urban Meyer uses his superior talent to blow out the “Mouth of the South”.

Florida 45, Tennessee 17

Florida 23, Tennessee 13 SUCCESS!

Louisiana-Lafayette at LSU – LSU has looked very mediocre in their two wins over Washington and Vanderbilt. This year they are the classic case of hype because of reputation (name). This is the same team that went 8-5 last year, and I will keep saying that until…well until something happens. What that is I don’t know, but I’m going to keep saying it.

LSU plays sloppy, but gets the win. The Hat gets tighter.

LSU 38, Louisiana-Lafayette 10

LSU 31, Louisiana-Lafayette 3 SUCCESS!

Florida Atlantic at South Carolina – Good Gosh! Is anybody playing anybody this week?! You’ll have to blame the short predictions for some of these games on the don’t-care factor which can be blamed on the scheduler for this week’s games and Tennessee-Florida not meaning anything anymore.

South Carolina found a way to score some points last week, or maybe Georgia’s offense AND defense are just that bad. Either way, Spurrier win’s a ho-hum battle over Schnellenberger (I just wanted to type that).

South Carolina 36, Florida Atlantic 7

South Carolina 38, Florida Atlantic 16 SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Vanderbilt Uh oh. Here we go! The REAL gamez….Wait Mississippi State at Vandy?! What?! Dang it.

Mississippi State is better than Vanderbilt and says “Oh no you didn’t. You’re in the cellar this year.”

Mississippi State 31, Vanderbilt 23

Mississippi State 15, Vanderbilt 3 SUCCESS!

Southeastern Louisiana at Ole Miss Are you serious? Don’t even talk to me.

Ole Miss 48, Southeastern Louisiana 13

Ole Miss 52, Southeastern Louisiana 6 SUCCESS!

Georgia at Arkansas Ok here’s one with maybe some merit. If Georgia wins they look great because they beat the “surprise” team of the year, but couldn’t it mean that Georgia is bad and Arkansas is even worse? If Arkansas wins they look awesome because they beat mighty Georgia and vault into the top 15 because everyone has been waiting for a reason to put them in the polls, but couldn’t it mean that Georgia is really bad and Arkansas is only a little bit better? Does your head hurt? Mine does from all this overhype.

Arkansas uses a good passing game to prove that Georgia just isn’t very good this year. The world jumps on the Arky bandwagon and sets up the January 7th battle with Ole Miss in the Citi BCS National Championship game.

Arkansas 34, Georgia 24

Georgia 52, Arkansas 41FAILURE

West Virginia at Auburn Revenge. SEC Pride. Respect. The Tigers won’t be thinking about any of those things this week as they take on the ‘Eers. This is just another game, another opponent, another hurdle in front of their chances at championships. The fans want this to be a get-back game from last year’s clash that saw the Tigers give up 34 unanswered points after leading 17-0. But Chizik’s Tigers don’t know anything about that game. They only know what’s in front of them.

The Hillbil…uh Mountaineers pride themselves on showing that they can play with the big boys. They are a perfect 5-0 in the last five games against SEC foes. Pat White is gone, and WVU uses more of a passing attack than they have in recent years. Last year they wore down the Auburn defense in the 2nd half, but this year that’s Auburn’s game.

Night game. National TV. Jordan-Hare. Revenge-crazed crowd. Best offense in the history of the world. All these things mean one thing.

Auburn 34, West Virginia 10

Auburn 41, West Virginia 30 SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy


Georgia Tech at Miami – Miami’s win against Florida State on Labor Day was one of the more exciting wins of the season thus far, but the luster of that win sure did start to wane when the Seminoles struggled mightily against Jacksonville State the following week. Miami is coming off a bye week, and are playing their first home game of the season.

Georgia Tech tore up the Clemson defense in the first half of last week’s game, but in the second half Clemson showed the blueprint on how to stop the triple option attack. If Miami can follow Clemson’s plan they should be able to keep Tech in check.

After FSU’s near disaster against JSU, I don’t think Miami is as good as they looked two weeks ago. Georgia Tech can be great if they have the option working. This is a home game for Miami and I’m sure the 20,000 or so fans will be lively. So, who to pick?

Aw heck, it’s the Ramblin’ wreck.

Georgia Tech 27, Miami 14

Miami 33, Georgia Tech 17FAILURE


Texas Tech at Texas – Aarrggh matey, I didn’t mean it I tell ya, I really didn’t. Revenge.

Texas 45, Texas Tech 20

Texas 34, Texas Tech 24SUCCESS!

Upset of the Week

East Carolina at North CarolinaThe Tarheels needed a safety last week to beat UConn. Enough said.

East Carolina 28, North Carolina 17

North Carolina 31, East Carolina 17 (I’m really good at picking one score correctly. See last week.)

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