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Breaking Down the Depth Chart

Keep in mind that this depth chart is just for the first game. This is all subject to change with injuries and performance. I won’t be breaking down any of the changes later in the season, though. This is all you get…and you’ll like it.

QB: #2 Cameron Newton (6-6/250/Jr.)
#14 Barrett Trotter (6-2/211/So.)

No surprise here. We’ve known Cam was the man for a while now, but you have to feel for Neil Caudle just a little bit after sticking around for four years to be put behind Trotter in his senior season. However, he did have many chances.

RB: #27 Mario Fannin (5-11/228/Sr.)
#23 Onterio McCalebb (5-10/171/So.)
#5 Michael Dyer (5-9/215/Fr.)

Again, no surprise, although the coaches have recently said that this will probably be a three-headed monster. Auburn always seems to share the load pretty well when it comes to running backs.

HB: #32 Eric Smith (5-10/240/Jr.)
#4 Shaun Kitchens (6-3/217/Fr.)
#1 Trovon Reed (6-0/181/Fr.)

This shows how versatile Malzhan’s H-back position can be. You’ve got a fullback, and tall lanky dude, and a speedster all used in the same position.

TE/WR: #43 Philip Lutzenkirchen (6-4/258/So.) or
#18 Kodi Burns (6-2/207/Sr.)

#80 Emory Blake (6-1/192/So.)

These guys are probably going to be blocking most of the time. I guess we could call this the “5th read” group.

WR: #81 Terrell Zachery (6-1/210/Sr.)
#9 Quindarius Carr (6-1/186/Jr.)
#3 DeAngelo Benton (6-2/201/So.)

Q-Carr will probably get a lot of playing time, and D-Lo should have a good season if he gets healthy. T-Zach will continue on his success from last season. That was fun.

WR: #89 Darvin Adams (6-3/185/Jr.)
#82 Jay Wisner (6-2/190/Sr.)
#87 Derek Winter (6-0/208/Jr.)

It’s somewhat surprising to see Jay Wisner at the #2 spot on this side of the field. I guess D-Lo’s injury could have had something to do with that. We could probably see Kodi or Emory behind Darvin at some point as well.

LT: #73 Lee Ziemba (6-8/319/Sr.)
#75 Brandon Mosley (6-6/299/Jr.)

No surprise. Ziemba’s been there for four years.

LG: #66 Mike Berry (6-3/316/Sr.)
#53 Bart Eddins (6-4/304/Sr.)

I’d expect both to play now that Bart is healthy for the first time in his Auburn career.

C: #50 Ryan Pugh (6-4/297/Sr.)
#63 Blake Burgess (6-2/278/RFr.)

Rick and Bubba, Rick and Bubba. As long as Pugh doesn’t get hurt, he’ll play every snap. Get it?

RG: #57 Byron Isom (6-3/291/Jr.)
#76 Jorrell Bostrom (6-3/322/Sr.) or
#79 Jared Cooper (6-4/300/Jr.)

Big Ice will play close to every meaningful snap.

RT: #77 A.J. Greene (6-5/291/Jr.)
#71 John Sullen (6-6/312/So.)

Given the battle for this position during camp, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if these two swapped out regularly. Gayden will be listed here as well, once he’s healthy.

LE: #45 Antoine Carter (6-4/256/Sr.)
#55 Corey Lemonier (6-4/227/Fr.)
#95 Dee Ford (6-4/240/So.)

The new “AC” will handle almost all of the snaps, while Lemonier learns how to be Auburn’s best DE in Tiger history. Dee Ford might see a few snaps this year as well.

DT: #98 Zach Clayton (6-3/296/Sr.)
#54 Jeffrey Whitaker (6-3/308/Fr.)

The O-Town Killa is healthy and will lead the defensive line in tackles this season.

DT: #90 Nick Fairley (6-5/298/Jr.)
#93 Mike Blanc (6-4/297/Sr.)

We’ll probably see both of these a good bit, but if Fairley keeps leading the defensive line in interceptions like he did last year, it might be hard for Blanc to get in the game.

RE: #49 Michael Goggans (6-3/261/Sr.)
#94 Nosa Eguae (6-2/258/RFr.)
#13 Craig Sanders (6-4/248/Fr.)

It seems like Goggans has been at Auburn for ten years. Look for him to lead the team in sacks, despite sharing a quarter of the snaps with Eguae.

LLB: #46 Craig Stevens (6-4/229/Sr.)
#21 Eltoro Freeman (5-11/225/Jr. or
#35 Jonathan Evans (5-11/230/So.)

Stevens will hold down the left side again this year, but hopefully Eltoro can get in the game and bust some heads.

MLB: #17 Josh Bynes (6-2/235/Sr.)
#58 Harris Gaston (6-1/231/RFr.) or
#5 Jake Holland (6-0/231/Fr.)

The defensive MVP from last season will turn in another MVP performance this season. In this year’s Iron Bowl, he will actually have Mark Ingram wishing he had 30 yards.

RLB: #25 Daren Bates (5-11/203/So.)
#33 Jessel Curry (6-1/214/Fr.)
#38 Jawara White (6-1/243/Fr.)

I’m ready to see how Bates handles the linebacker position, but if what the coaches say is true, he’ll have absolutely no problem.

LC: #14 Demond Washington (5-9/182/Sr.)
#22 T’Sharvan Bell (6-0/180/So.)

Chizik recently praised T’Sharvan Bell, which I guess shows how well Demond Washington has done.

S: #4 Zac Etheridge (6-0/213/Sr.)
#16 Ikeem Means (6-0/204/So.)

It’s hard not to think that Zac won’t be a little tentative in his first game back from last year’s neck injury, but they wouldn’t put him out there if he wasn’t ready.

S: #2 Aairon Savage (5-11/200/Sr.)
#26 Mike McNeil (6-2/208/Jr.)

To have these two guys at #1 and #2 at the same position shows how strong Auburn’s safeties should be this year.

RC: #15 Neiko Thorpe (6-2/186/Jr.)
#3 Chris Davis (5-10/182/Fr.) or
#6 Jonathon Mincy (5-10/180/Fr.)

Despite giving up a few long passes last year, the coaches love Neiko, and you can thank him for the Outback Bowl win as well.

PK: #18 Wes Byrum (6-2/216/Sr.)
#36 Cody Parkey (6-0/184/Fr.)

Byrum will break every Auburn kicking and scoring record this season.

P: #17 Ryan Shoemaker (6-0/177/Sr.)
#30 Steven Clark (6-5/232/Fr.)

Shoemaker returns to the starting spot in his senior season, but given the battle for this spot, I think Auburn will be just fine in terms of punting for the next few years.

DS: #61 Josh Harris (6-1/230/Jr.)
#64 Forrest Hill (6-1/238/Fr.)

I don’t remember any bad snaps last year, so keep it up Josh.

H: #19 Neil Caudle (6-3/198/Sr.)
#15 Clint Moseley (6-3/223/RFr.)


PR: #9 Quindarius Carr (6-1/186/Jr.) or
#89 Darvin Adams (6-3/185/Jr.)
#1 Trovon Reed (6-0/181/Fr.)

I don’t care who it is. Just catch the ball.

KR: #14 Demond Washington (5-9/182/Sr.) and
#27 Mario Fannin (5-11/228/Sr.)

#23 Onterio McCalebb (5-10/171/So.) and
#15 Neiko Thorpe (6-2/186/Jr.)

I’d like to see a one-two combo of quick speed, something like Washington and McCallebb, but maybe they want a bigger back, like Mario, to help block.

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not THAT tiger 09/02/2010 at 4:49 pm

I’m kinda surprised that Lemonier is ahead of Ford at LE. I know he’s good but Ford’s a beast too. I guess that speaks to Corey’s talent! WAR EAGLE!


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