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Lousiana Tech Review

tigercornerI’m being a little lazy for the first postgame review of the season. Basically, I needed to write something for, so I’m going to put my review on there. Don’t worry, you’ll get your other blogs for the rest of the week and I promise to write exclusives for all of the game-week features from now on.

Here’s an excerpt from my post over at the Tigers Corner:

Something I didn’t really worry about, but most armchair quarterbacks did, was Chris Todd. Would this be the same noodle arm as last year? And once again, it was just La. Tech, but I will say no. Todd made maybe 2-3 legitimately bad throws, but no bad decisions from what this guy could see. He knows the offense, he knows the coaches have his back, and he knows the team has his back. And like Chizik, he almost looks like he doesn’t care what the naysayers say anymore. He’s bought in, and knows this is going to work. If he throws an interception, chant “Kodi, Kodi”, he doesn’t care. He’ll just come back and throw a 93 yard, perfectly-pump-faked touchdown pass in your face. And that’s what an SEC-caliber QB has to be able to do.

You can read the whole dang thing here. Let me know what you think either in the Blogle’s comments or the comments over there.

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