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The WarBlogler on’s Tigers Corner

tigercornerFor all of those that haven’t gotten an email or text message about this already, I, the WarBlogler, have been picked from millions to write exclusive blogs for‘s Tigers Corner. I will be writing about Auburn sports alongside some of the most respected and unknown bloggers in the world. Not really, but it sounds good.

I’m not allowed to post the same material on their blog and mine, but don’t worry, will get it’s two posts every six months that you are all used to. Seriously though, you know I’m about to pick it up now that football season is upon us. So anyway, here are the opening lines of my first post for

Quick Bio: Auburn grad, loving husband, and new dad that believes Auburn should and could go undefeated every year (if you don’t think the same, you’re not a realist, you’re a pessimist). That’s pretty much it.

Let’s go back to the hiring of Gene Chizik. Was anyone happy? Did anyone see anything positive coming from this? I will be the first one to tell you that I was very unhappy (even considering my total Auburn optimism) and like all other Auburn fans let out a big “WHAT?!” when I heard the news. I, like most fans, was still coping with the fact that those “A” car flags weren’t going anywhere soon after a certain 36-0 beating. So adding that on top of the fact that we hired the guy who left us for the same job at another school, and Iowa State or not had only beaten North Dakota State and Kent State the previous year didn’t make things any better. But just like all “bad news”, the sting wore off after a few days.

You can read the rest here, and feel free to follow the WarBlogler on Twitter. Also be sure to bookmark the Tiger’s Corner to get more non-Bammer-biased Auburn sports blogging.

In other news, will be getting a face lift soon to mark this new era of Auburn sports.

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