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Coach Watch ’08 – Spurrier/Muschamp/Patterzzzzzzz…

Reports are that Auburn has interviewed Gary Patterson of TCU. Some reports even claimed that this was a sign that Auburn was looking at more high profile coaches. Excuse me? TCU…high profile? Someone wake me up when we talk to someone that anyone besides a ‘Wednesday Night College Football on ESPN-addict’ has heard of.

In other coaching news that semi-effects Auburn, Skip Holtz has turned down Syracuse, meaning that Gill is at the top of their list and will probably be offered the position soon. This means that if Auburn is using Gill as a back-up plan (as I definitely believe they are), they may need to hurry up and see what big dog is going to say no so they don’t lose him.

On an actual high profile note, I have been told by two sources of sources that Muschamp is definitely still in the mix and something could be happening soon. WJOX is reporting that Spurrier is also definitely a possibility and has already spoken with Auburn. The only hold up being the amount of time each side wants him to be committed to Auburn. My perfect scenario would be for Spurrier to come in for 4-5 years (noted in the contract) with Gill as the coach in waiting/Offensive Coordinator. This would give Gill some time to gain some SEC experience and give us a big name to keep the program afloat and even move it forward before we hand it over to a more experienced Gill.

What do I see happening? We try for a big dog or two behind the scenes, nothing happens, and we hire Gill.

What are your thoughts? What are your dream scenarios? Stay tuned to the Blogle for more updates…

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Brandon 12/11/2008 at 3:16 pm

YES! I totally agree with your dream situation. If there is any chance that Spurrier would leave South Carolina then we need to get him no matter what the cost. He hasn’t done much with the gamecocks but I think he could really excel at a program like Auburn. We’re gotten used to winning and with his SEC recruiting experience we could get our program back in shape in no time.

I don’t think Gill would accept anything less than a headcoach position even at a better program like ours. He has spent too long waiting for the head job that I can’t see him taking a step down now.

I reeeeaaaallly hope we can get Spurrier – he is the only Saban sized name being mentioned at all.

TigerRx 12/11/2008 at 8:08 pm

I think the Spurrier/Gill situation is fantastic, but it will never happen. From what I have heard spurrier is grooming his son to take over where ever he ends his career. I don’t know to much about his son, but the idea of a Spurrier dynasty at auburn has possibilities…

the_source 12/11/2008 at 9:37 pm

Ask Carolina fans what they think about Spurrier Jr. Also, I have a hard time believing Spurrier will come to AU mostly b/c I don’t see Carolina letting him go. If he does leave it will be entirely b/c he’s lost all faith in winning at Carolina.

Also, reports are now that Syracuse is about to hire Doug Marrone (former Orangeman and New Orleans OC)


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