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Roundtable of Tigers Past: Bad Wins and LSU

The near loss to Jacksonville State has two of our Roundtable members out this week. I think they are waiting to see Auburn beat LSU this weekend. But Andrew and Cole have enough beef to fill up this space.

This week we talk about what happened last week, their favorite LSU memories, and what Auburn has to do to beat LSU this weekend.

What happened with Auburn last week? What was your “worst win” while at Auburn?

AndrewAndrew McCain: To me, last week was a combination of several things. First, we had injuries that took a lot of depth, talent, and leadership off the field. 55 and 28 are two of our best players and leaders on D. Second, and most notably, I think there was a mentality problem for 3 1/2 quarters. We saw how we could run through those guys when we actually had to.

On top of that, our QB is still low on confidence. I, on the other hand, am confident that he will figure it out. He needs help, though. Play action pass on 2nd and 3 after two first downs running the ball is a lot easier than 3rd and 6+ trying to stave off a 3 and out. 

I really can’t recall a “worst win”. We lost some we should’ve won, but I don’t remember a win that felt demoralizing. 

1394809575000Cole Cubelic: I think I said on this forum a week ago that if they showed up flat they would be in for a dog fight. That’s what happened.

Jacksonville State had a great plan. They attacked the inside of the offensive line. They pinched their defensive ends. They crashed corners and gave no respect to the quarterback keeper on zone read and gave no respect to the downfield passing game with zone coverage that could have been easily dissected. Offensively, they took shots down the field on 50-50 balls and it had success. 

No such thing as a worst win. That’s dumb. (you’re dumb)

What was your greatest memory playing against LSU?

Andrew McCain: I remember the game in 2006 like it was yesterday. I had moved to O-line and was red-shirting that year, so I spent the morning, beginning at 5:30 am, with Coach Yox and several other teammates. He typically worked us harder the mornings before big games. He was on another level that day.

He called these workouts “Breakfast Club.” There was no quiche or OJ. No Molly Ringwald either. Although, I think I did hear (if only in my head) Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” as I slowly died on that turf hill outside the weight room. That day made me a better man. Thank you, Yox. 
I considered not dressing out that day due to exhaustion, but boy am I glad that I did. It was an epic victory that vaulted us to #2 in the polls and had me and everyone else excited about the future at Auburn. 

Cole Cubelic: Cigar game. Every second of it and every second after inside that stadium. 

What does Auburn have to do to beat LSU this weekend?

Andrew McCain: To win this weekend, we have to come out and attack on both sides of the ball. We need to get a little swagger back. We will be outnumbered by the tens of thousands and the bourbon will flow before daybreak. We have to develop a Spartan mentality out there. Feed off of the chaos and play within ourselves. For ourselves. For each other. For the AU.

The boulder has rolled downhill in the wrong direction for two weeks. We need a group of O-linemen, WRs,  and running backs to rally behind their QB and push that boulder back up the damn mountain and get it rolling down the other side. We have to set the edge and fly around on defense. Hit them like there are 13 of us on the field at once. It’s a fall Saturday in Baton Rouge. Nobody is giving us a chance. Sign me up. Let’s go, AU! 

Cole Cubelic: Quarterback needs yards on the ground for design runs and zone-read. Take what the defense is giving them. I think the offensive line is playing decent football like the running backs are playing good football. I think the quarterback needs to understand what the coverages are, where to deliver the ball, and how to take what the defense is giving. 

Probably need to find a way to slow down #7 as well.

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