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Week 11 Predictions

This Week: 5-3
Last Week: 4-5
Overall: 56-42


Arkansas at South Carolina – I swear…if Arkansas gets into a bowl game and we don’t…I know they beat us but still. They are almost pretty plain awful. We are in an awful state, not awful, but anyway. Both of these teams started off very slow, but are now on the right path. I foresee the South Carolina defense keeping this one in check.

South Carolina 24, Arkansas 14

South Carolina 34, Arkansas 21 SUCCESS!

Georgia at Kentucky – Georgia’s brutal stretch is finally over, and like I said all preseason, all season, and even now, Georgia is nothing close to the best team in the country, like most of the ‘read a team by how they end a season analysts’ said. This one will be close because the ‘Dawgs are down from last week’s thrashing, and the Kentucky faithful, looking ahead to basketball season once again, will create some slight home field advantage.

Georgia 23, Kentucky 10

Georgia 23, Kentucky 10 SUCCESS!

Wyoming at Tennessee – Well Vol fans, you got what you want, now you’re gonna pay. In firing Phil, you have forfeited at least one more year, but the honest truth is that nobody cares. Nobody is excited about Tennessee football anymore. Are you? Who is? Not me. When I think of Tennessee football I think of rain, fat, mustaches, ugly orange, dinginess, fat, rain, and more fat. It’s just not fun to watch.

Luckily, Phil gets a cake walk to end the season, and should end up with three straight victories, which will give his supporters reason to call for the head of the AD who fired him. Actually they might be close. I don’t know ’cause I don’t care.

Tennessee 27, Wyoming 3

Wyoming 13, Tennessee 7FAILURE

Florida at VanderbiltIf given the chance, Florida will win the National Championship. Hopefully we will give them an LSU opponent in the SEC Championship game with a victory in late November, and we know how that will turn out. Vanderbilt hasn’t won a game since Auburn lost to them a month ago. Man-handling at it’s best right here.

Florida 59, Vanderbilt 7

Florida 42, Vanderbilt 14 SUCCESS!

Alabama at LSU – This one goes one of two ways: Alabama pours on the points in the first half like they did against Georgia and wins by 10-15 points in the end, or LSU decides to tackle somebody and shows Alabama what it’s like to play against a real team. Note: Alabama has not played against a real team that has played like a real team for an entire game. Which scenario do you think I’m going to pick? Nothing good ever came from something with BAMA in the name.

LSU 28, Alabama 24

Alabama 27, LSU 21 FAILURE

UT-Martin at Auburn – As I said in yesterday’s preview(?), we finally win a game. Have we ever had a winless October? My favorite month was ruined by this atrocity. Life doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore. The sun looks a little dimmer. The birds chirp a little softer. Finally a breath of life after this weekend to bring me back. Tigers over the Skyhawks with our 2nd-string D, and a wide open offensive playbook. We’ll teach you to steal our uniforms.

Auburn 31, UT-Martin 3

Auburn 37, UT-Martin 20 SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech – Oklahoma State is good, but not as good as Texas. I’m slightly leaning towards the upset because nobody can be good enough to play games like last week’s every week, but I’ll stick with my gut and the stat that says Oklahoma State is 0-5 all-time in Lubbock. With a big win, and with the assumption that Alabama lucks up and beats LSU, Texas Tech should jump to number one in the polls, and that is said with no Bama-bias.

Texas Tech 46, Oklahoma State 30

Texas Tech 56, Oklahoma State 20 SUCCESS!

** Upset Special **

Arizona State at Washington – Come on Ty, you gotta win one of these. I didn’t realize Arizona State’s record was so bad. The combined record of these two teams is 2-14, and you know how many Washington has won. However, it’s hard to pull against anybody who plays regularly in Husky Stadium.

Washington 17, Arizona State 14

Arizona State 39, Washington 19 FAILURE

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