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Week 10 Predictions

This Week: 4-5
Overall: 51-39


Kentucky at Mississippi State – The statement(?) game of the season for Croom. Kentucky looked horrible last week, but they were playing Florida, who looks the best they’ve looked all season. Mississippi State pulled out a squeaker over Middle Tennessee State. Normally I’d go with Kentucky, but they looked really really bad. I foresee a big win by the Croomdogs.

Mississippi State 27, Kentucky 10

Kentucky 14, Mississippi State 13 FAILURE

Tennessee at South Carolina – Tennessee, I hate you. All you had to do was win one game for us, and you barely put up anything close to a fight. You give up in every game. You hardly show up at all anyway. Keep Fulmer and let Vandy pass you as the premier team in the state. Please. South Carolina, I never liked you too much either, but I guess you’ll win by default in this one.

South Carolina 17, Tennessee 13

South Carolina 27, Tennessee 6 SUCCESS

Tulane at LSU -Just how bad is that LSU defense. Over 100 points in two games. In their defense’s defense, they were playing against the best offense in the SEC, and another top 5 in the SEC offense last week, but still. Tulane hung with Alabama, but I don’t see anything close to a game here.

LSU 41, Tulane 7

LSU 35, Tulane 10 SUCCESS

Tulsa at ArkansasWhen’s the last time Tulsa has been favored against Arkansas? Never probably. I can’t say much about Arkansas being bad, so I say they’ll keep this one close. Maybe even win. Nah, probably not.

Tulsa 38, Arkansas 24

Arkansas 30, Tulsa 23 FAILURE

Florida vs. Georgia – The no-home field advantage really makes this game weird every year. Both of these teams hung 50+ on LSU, but Georgia also gave up 38 to those same Bengal Tigers and 41 to the Drunken Tide. Has there ever been an Alabama quarterback who hasn’t gotten a DUI (acquitted or not)? Oh sorry, this is the UF/UGA prediction. This one will have some more drama, but Florida will easily win and go on to their SEC championship. Whew, I’m glad we’re not going to be in it. Now we can always say that Tebow never beat us.

Florida 45, Georgia 30

Florida 49, Georgia 10 SUCCESS

Arkansas State at Alabama Pad that record Tide, pad that record. Two losses are in your future, you need these wins. You need to beat Tennessee and act like they are the Tennessee of old. You need to beat Kentucky by 3 with one TD handed to you by a freak fumble and watch them lose by 58 to Florida and act like it’s still a great win. As for your losses, you can not beat Florida, you will not beat Georgia again, and you will lose to LSU or yes, Auburn. I’m not sure if Nick Saban’s watching this, but I’m gonna drink this one for ya. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this. If you don’t like foul language, don’t watch it. If you want to see exactly what an Alabama fan is, do watch it. Do we need a prediction in this one? ULM I remind you.

Alabama 31, Arkansas State 13

Alabama 35, Arkansas State 0 SUCCESS

Auburn at Ole Miss – The only way the Rebels pull this one off is total domination. That won’t happen. Seriously, do any of you think it will? Kodi has gained confidence. This offense has played in much more hostile settings than Oxford, MS in the morning. The Rebel secondary is terrible, which will allow Kodi to throw more once he’s set up the run. Oh yeah, we’re breaking Enrique’s leg too. All those things, combined with our 8-1 record at Oxford give Auburn the win. Will it be a blowout? No. Will it be very close? Probably. But we will not lose this game. Not a chance. Mark it down.

Auburn 27, Ole Miss 17

Ole Miss 17, Auburn 7 FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Texas at Texas Tech – Take the over. It’s that simple. Playing away from home will hurt Texas. Playing a team that scores more points than Oklahoma State (who scared Texas last week) hurts Texas. This is the the biggest game in Texas Tech history, so that definitely hurts Texas, but I still think the Longhorns find a way to pull it out behind the Heisman-solidifying performance of Colt McCoy. Lots of points in this game, Will Mushcamp’s head explodes.

Texas 51, Texas Tech 44

Texas Tech 39, Texas 33 FAILURE

** Upset Special **

Duke at Wake Forest – Not really any upset alert games this week, so I picked this one. Wake Forest is going down, Duke is going up.

Duke 20, Wake Forest 14

Wake Forest 33, Duke 30 FAILURE

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