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2023-2024 Bowl Predictions – Week 2 (Part 2)

The 1st half of week two of the 2023-2024 bowl season was very typical. I went 5-5 after going 6-5 the week before. With all the players that quit on their team, it’s nearly impossible to figure out who is going to win. 50% is good, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Bowls: 19-14 (57.6%)
Regular Season: 111-34 (76.5%)
Overall: 130-48 (73.5%)

The 2nd half of week two starts to introduce more games with ranked teams, but again, they usually have a lot of quitters, so it’s even tougher.


Military Bowl Presented by
Virginia Tech vs. Tulane – The Green Wave might be fine, but I’m tired of them or Coastal Carolina or James Madison taking up an AP Poll ranking somewhere from 21-24 each week because voters see their 0-1 loss record and think they have to be ranked over a 4 loss team from a real conference that would beat them by 100. Therefore, Go Hokies.

Virginia Tech 27, Tulane 17

Virginia Tech 41, Tulane 20 – SUCCESS!

Duke’s Mayo Bowl
North Carolina vs. West Virginia – I like Duke in the North Carolina/Duke rivalry. I like West Virginia because of the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Go ‘eers.

West Virginia 24, North Carolina 21

West Virginia 30, North Carolina 10 – SUCCESS!

DirecTV Holiday Bowl
Louisville vs. USC – Louisville probably cares a lot. USC and their quitting quarterback cares way less. Cardinals big.

Louisville 38, USC 7

USC 42, Louisville 28 – FAILURE

TaxAct Texas Bowl
Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State – The Cowboys have much more stability. That’s not saying much, but it’s something. The Aggies will flounder as they usually do.

Oklahoma State 31, Texas A&M 28

Oklahoma State 31, Texas A&M 23 – SUCCESS!


Wasabi Fenway Bowl
SMU vs. Boston College – Rhett Lashlee is coaching a football game in the shadow of the green monster. He’s come so far since “calling plays” with Gus.

SMU 28, Boston College 20

Boston College 23, SMU 14 – FAILURE

Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl
Rutgers vs. Miami – Why exactly are the Red Sox and Yankees hosting bowl games on the same day? Is this like Auburn, Alabama, and UAB hosting the Super 7 in Alabama? You can’t have one without the other? What a weird bowl matchup.

Miami 45, Rutgers 10

Rutgers 31, Miami 24 – FAILURE

Pop-Tarts Bowl
NC State vs. Kansas State – The first ranked-on-ranked matchup of the bowl season comes in the… Pop-Tart Bowl? I’ve never been a fan of Pop-Tarts. Not sure why. Just seemed dry. These two teams are the same. 3-4 losses most years in a conference not as good as the SEC, so they are kinda seen as “good.” Kansas State is better.

Kansas State 28, NC State 17

Kansas State 28, NC State 19 SUCCESS!

Valero Alamo Bowl
Arizona vs. Oklahoma – The Wildcats were surprisingly good this year. Oklahoma is a top 15 team, but they don’t have a quarterback and it kinda feels like they’re treading water in a sea of blah. Arizona is probably good enough to win, but it’ll be close.

Arizona 27, Oklahoma 20

Arizona 38, Oklahoma 24 – SUCCESS!


TaxSlayer Bowl
Clemson vs. Kentucky – Bear Bryant coached at Kentucky before coaching at Alabama. Dabo Swinney played at Alabama. That means nothing, but these two teams are very close in level these days, and I’m not sure which team that’s good for.

Clemson 31, Kentucky 17

Clemson 38, Kentucky 35 – SUCCESS!

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl
Oregon State vs. Notre Dame – Anybody else forget about Notre Dame after their 2nd loss this year? Oregon State wasn’t too bad this year, but I don’t think anybody on their team is playing. At least two QBs are gone I know. Just checked, Notre Dame has more players out, but they have a quarterback, and a pretty good one at that.

Notre Dame 35, Oregon State 17

Notre Dame 40, Oregon State 8 – SUCCESS!

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Memphis vs. Iowa State – Memphis gets to play their bowl game in Memphis, and what might be the most boring team in sports gets to go to Memphis to play a bowl game in December. Does anybody ever think about this bowl without thinking about an overcast sky? All I see is gray.

Iowa State 34, Memphis 14

Memphis 36, Iowa State 26 – FAILURE

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic
Missouri vs. Ohio State – This is going to be treated like the biggest game in Missouri history. Ohio State could not care less. Missouri will win and will start next season in the hearts of all AP pollsters.

Missouri 17, Ohio State 14

Missouri 14, Ohio State 3 – SUCCESS!

Now that I’ve picked the bowls, you should go join the bowl pick’em. Just make sure you have them in prior to each game, but go ahead and do them all so you don’t have to worry about it. There’s prizes and stuff.

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