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beAU Knows: Now, It’s Our Time

No, I’m not over it yet. I’m not sure I’ll ever be completely over it, but what am I going to do? Maybe I should get on social media and bash the coaching. That seems to be the popular coping mechanism for those that have never stepped on a football field or haven’t been told “no” enough in their lives.

Can you imagine dying on a hill claiming coaching cost Auburn both the Iron Bowl and the Georgia game? A severely outmatched team takes two of the best teams in the country to the final drive of the 4th quarter on mere willpower and Jordan Hare voodoo magic?

No, that was coaching and absolute elite scheme and just a flash of the things that are to come in the future.

A wise man (Blogle) once said, “struggle is nature’s way of strengthening.” Coming into this season, we all knew who we were, at least if you had a room temperature IQ or higher. I’m not sure I spoke with anyone that actually understands Auburn’s situation that said we would win more than 8 games or less than 6.

We know who we are right now. We knew this was a 6 to 8-win team depending on how the ball bounced in a few games. Here we are at 6 wins with a great opportunity to get 7 with a bowl win and you’d think we were a preseason top 10 team with the way some of this fanbase is acting.

Obviously, we had a couple not bounce our way. I’m sorry you have to listen to your Bammer buddies at work this week, but the truth is you are owed nothing.

New Mexico State was a disaster. I absolutely understand how some of you put that on this caching staff for not having this team focused. However, this is a man’s league. As players, you shouldn’t need an epic Coach Cadillac speech to have you ready to play. You are an 18 to 22-year-old football player. You should know what it takes week-in and week-out to get yourselves ready to play both mentally and physically.

This whole “the players deserve better, coaching let them down” crowd is absolute cancer and needs to stop.

When a team looks sloppy, multiple turnovers, not lining up correctly, too many penalties, etc., sure, that can almost certainly be tied to lack of discipline and coaching. On the other hand, when it’s execution, catching the football, fielding a punt, getting beat in one-on-coverage, that’s on the players. It’s ok to hold them to the same standards. They are making plenty of money and also need to be held accountable.

I don’t want to get too deep down that rabbit hole. I think if you get it you understand and if you don’t you never will and I’m wasting my time trying to explain it. All this should have, would have, could have, is over with. We are officially in the Freeze era.

I guess technically you can say this was year one, but I see it more as year zero. Coach Freeze had a whopping three weeks to land last year’s signing class and portal haul, I wouldn’t necessarily call that his class. I see this as more of tearing up the old foundation rather than laying his own, which we will see in 2024.

It’s always the darkest before the dawn. The pain of this Iron Bowl will linger for a few more days, maybe a few weeks for some (forever, whatever). However, the simple truth is that our time is coming.

Auburn fans you’ve made it. You just finished the worst season Auburn will ever have in the Freeze era. Recruiting is about to absolutely explode. I know a few we’re for sure getting and if everything falls into place this could very easily be a top 7-8 class. The future is as bright as it’s been since Gus first arrived at Auburn, and if you can’t see that you’re choosing not to for whatever weird reason.

Bury the skeletons, get over the losses. This is exactly what we knew would happen back in August. Now, it’s our time. If you see stupid negativity on social media, kill it. The weak mindedness is over with.

Hugh Freeze’s worst squad lost to Georgia by 7, Ole Miss by 7, and Alabama by 3 in a miracle.

Those losses cut deep, but now allow yourselves to heal and let those cuts turn into scars. Ever seen an alpha lion, the pride male, that wasn’t covered in scars? They don’t just give you titles without struggle and it damn sure isn’t built in a year.

Stay the course, the difference makers are coming, and they’re bringing their luggage. It’s not Louis though, that’s out in Colorado getting embarrassed.

War Eagle Forever.

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Steve 11/28/2023 at 9:08 pm

Good article. It’s hard sometimes. But it’s what we are. War Eagle!!!


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