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Two Types of NFL Jerseys

After some research, there are two types of NFL jerseys—the old Rebook and the new Nike NFL jerseys. We did some speculation over how different the Nike NFL Jerseys versus the Reebok ones, it turns out that the new NFL Jerseys received a lot of hype and mixed reviews. Generally, the prime difference in the jerseys is the material and construction of them. 

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The New Nike Jerseys 

Nike is famous for cutting-edge technology in their sportswear and they successfully won the hearts of many when they redesigned the NFL clothing. They focused more on changing the way the jerseys fit and feel when worn by players, instead of doing some major changes in the appearance of the uniforms. They essentially used lighter fabric with a more contoured fit and four-way stretch for optimal movement to help players move with ease. 

As of the moment, Nike offers three versions of team jerseys, replacing the Reebok options of replica or authentic jerseys with Elite, Limited, and Game Jerseys. What are their differences?

1. Nike Elite NFL Jersey 

The Nike Elite NFL Jersey can be bought for $249.95. It is Nike’s version of the premium game day jersey, plus it is the actual jersey that players wear on the field.

2. Nike Limited NFL Jersey 

The Nike Limited NFL Jersey is Nike’s next level NFL Jersey. It boasts the look of the premium Elite jersey with a few less features and a significant amount less of money. It can be bought for just $134.95 because it is the Nike version of the old Reebok authentic jerseys. 

3. Nike Game NFL Jersey 

For as low as $99.95, you can have your own Nike Game NFL Jersey. It replaced the Reebok replica jersey and you can effectively show off your team pride at every game without spending too much. Nike also improved this version with silicon print numbers for a lighter feel and a tailored fit for better movement.

Why An Authentic Jersey Is More Worth It

You may be able to save a lot of money when you purchase a fake NFL jersey, but they are usually cheap imposters that take weeks to receive and are known to fall apart, have crooked lettering, and worse. If you look at a product on a fake NFL jersey site, there will likely be no alternate views of the jersey to check its quality or authenticity. Most of the time, these sites even feature the wrong colors, and not the authentic team colors for that NFL team. So if you’re looking for quality and authenticity, it’s still the best to buy authentic NFL jerseys. 

Final Words

The new Nike NFL Jersey is about 20-30% lighter than the old Reebok one. It also boasts an added component such as flywire technology in the collar for a better fit, stretch twill numbers, zoned mesh ventilation, and customizable base layer padding. All of these improvements help boost a more comfortable uniform that efficiently fits each player’s needs.


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